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By: Megan, Makayla, LT, and Eric

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1 By: Megan, Makayla, LT, and Eric
Dust and Sand Storms Dust and Sand Storms By: Megan, Makayla, LT, and Eric By Megan, Makayla, L.T. and Eric

2 The form of the Storm Dust Storms form when strong winds carry dust over a large area. During a cold front, convection occurs and results in strong flows of wind,picking up particles of sand or dust and thus making a sand storm.

3 Damages of Dust Droughts (the longer the dust storm, the longer the drought) Dirty homes Death of vegetation as well as animals and humans Breathing problems

4 Occurs in: Areas lacking vegetation Deserts (dry and semi-dry areas)

5 Worst Occurrences China, April covered 10 cities and many power and water supplies ran out. Some dust blew all the way to the USA. The Dust Bowl, 1930’s- in the midwest of the USA. Lasted for eight years. Traveled from the South to the North and caused many farmers to move west.

6 Most Recent Storm San Joaquin Valley, California- happened on November 29, Visibility was 10 feet or less. On Interstate 5, a huge traffic accident occurred involving 164 cars, 151 injuries, and 17 deaths.

7 Safety Tips If at all possible, avoid a dust storm
While driving, pull off to the side of the road and turn your lights off. Set the emergency brake and take your foot off the pedal If you have to keep driving, turn on your lights, sound the horn occasionally, and use the center line to guide you Never stop on the road

8 Families were forced out of their homes because of dust.
People slept with wet cloths on their noses and mouths to keep dust out of their lungs. Dishes and cups were kept upside down before meals to keep out dust.

9 Microbursts Small downdrafts Make winds More than 280 km/h
Come with thunderstorms Can ruin aviation

10 Dust Devils Rotating winds Not associated with thunderstorms
Invisible unless they collect dust or debris Form when air is heated by hot weather Happens in arid or semi-arid regions

11 Resources
Here’s a video of a dust storm in Australia!

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