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Finance aCourse Overview aSchool Rules aStudent Input.

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1 Finance aCourse Overview aSchool Rules aStudent Input

2 Course Overview Planning Personal Finances Managing Personal Finances Making Purchasing Decisions Insuring Resources Investing Resources Controlling Your Financial Future

3 Planning Personal Finances Your Personal Financial Plan Basic Economic Principles Personal Career Strategies Money Management Strategies Planning Your Tax Strategy

4 Managing Your Personal Finances Banking Services of Financial Institutions Introduction to Consumer Credit Choosing Sources of Consumer Credit Credit Problems

5 Making Purchasing Decisions Legal Aspects of Protecting Your Wealth Consumer Purchasing Strategies Costs of Transportation Operating a Vehicle Buying or Leasing a Vehicle The Finances of Housing

6 Insuring Your Resources Personal Risk and Insurance Home and Auto Insurance Health and Disability Insurance Life Insurance

7 Investing Your Resources Fundamentals of Investing Investing in Stocks Investing in Bonds Investing in Mutual Funds

8 Controlling Your Financial Future Retirement Planning Deception in the Marketplace Business and Investment Fraud Consumer Fraud Your Commitment to Your Financial Plan

9 School Rules Attendance Students are to be in their Assigned Seats when the bell rings Tardies Students will need a yellow pass from a teacher or a tardy pass (white or orange) from the office Three (3) unexcused tardies will result in a student referral form sent to the students academy principal.

10 School Rules Passes to Leave Class Students will ask permission and the teacher will complete a yellow hall pass Please note: classstudy hall It is the teachers decision to permit a student to leave classthis is a class not study hall A NO answer is not open to discussion. NO means NO.

11 School Rules Outdoor Apparel is not permitted in the classrooms Do not bring coats to class Put them in your locker before class No hats or hoods are to be worn A student referral will be written and sent to the students academy principal

12 School Rules Electronics and Computer Use No cell phones or I-Pods are to be used during class Except when given permission to use the calculator Computers will be used for class activities as instructed No Games, Videos, etc. unless it is part of the class assignment

13 Contact Information Ms. Abbonizio Room A108 Classroom phone: 330-491-3871 E-mail: Assignments and reference materials will be posted in folders on my teacher web page.

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