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HORTICULTURE At the GlenOak Career Center. Do you really know what were about? Most people think………….. You people dig in the dirt You people play with.

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1 HORTICULTURE At the GlenOak Career Center

2 Do you really know what were about? Most people think………….. You people dig in the dirt You people play with flowers Anybody could do that stuff I already know how to cut the lawn I dont want to be a farmer Im going to go to college Surprise! Horticulture changed when no one was looking. Today the Horticulture industry is technical.

3 This is what we really do…… Landscape Design Greenhouse Production (1 science credit) Floral Design Tree trimming, climbing, and rigging Small Gas Engine Repair Grounds and Turf Management – ideal for athletic field maintenance and golf courses. Early Job Placement – Mentorships Semester courses for all four years Preparation for 2 years at Ohio State/ATI Flexibility, Personal Attention, and… FUN!

4 Landscape Design, planting trees and shrubs. Not exactly……. We do CAD (computer assisted design) We do imaging We design ponds and decks We do hand rendering We learn what plants grow where and when they should or should not be used And we also learn how to plant trees and shrubs……. correctly and keep them alive. Your future: Rice Nursery, Green Thumb Nursery,Sandys Landscape, Barthels, or better yet, own your own business. Or a good two year degree in Landscape Design or Landscape Construction is available from Ohio State/ATI in Wooster.

5 This is CAD designing

6 This is imaging – before, and then

7 This is imaging - after

8 We have various software programs for choosing correct plants for your designs

9 We do deck designing

10 Todays Horticulture is a lot more high tech then most people realize. But there still is the opportunity for a person to start a very good business with a very minimal investment. A two year degree is available from one of the countrys best tech schools right in Wooster. ATI, which is part of Ohio State, has many degree programs with an excellent placement rate. Credits earned there transfer to Ohio State main campus if you desire a four year degree.

11 Greenhouse Production Learn how to operate a greenhouse Enjoy growing plants – poinsettias, Easter lilies, annuals, perennials, foliage house plants, and more. Learn soil and plant science involved in growing plants – you receive 1 science credit for your junior year while taking horticulture. A two year degree is available from Ohio State/ATI in nearby Wooster, Ohio.

12 Floral Design Learn the types of flowers and foliages used in floral design as well as the art and design concepts involved with flower arranging. Learn to make corsages, boutonnieres, floral designs, specialty arrangements, arm bouquets and other types of wedding flowers. Learn to make wreathes, grave blankets, grave pillows as well as an assortment of holiday items. Prepare roses and carnations for resale. Save money on your floral needs while learning. Owning your own floral shop is quite possible with a two year degree from Ohio State/ATI in Wooster, Ohio.

13 Tree Trimming Learn to trim ornamental trees and shrubs For those interested – learn to climb trees using spikes and ropes along with proper chain saw use on large trees. A good two year degree program is available at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio with credits being transferable to nearby Ohio University for those interested in a four year degree. Good employment opportunities are available with national companies such as Davey Tree.

14 Small Gas Engine Repair Recommended service repair procedures Time saving tips Theory of Operation Troubleshooting Engine disassembly and reassembly A must for homeowners

15 Grounds and Turf Management Learn the basics of grounds maintenance. Learn the care of athletic fields. Prepare for employment with local lawn companies or golf courses. Your future – A 2 year Turf Degree from Ohio State/ATI can qualify you to be a golf course superintendent or to manage athletic fields and turf areas at a park, college, or industrial complex. You could easily start your own full service lawn/landscape business. Employment opportunities abound everywhere in the United States in these areas.

16 Early Job Placement/Mentorships One semester of your senior year you can qualify for early placement which means you will go to work each day (at 10:30) instead of sitting in school all afternoon. You can earn money for college while you learn on-the-job skills in Horticulture. Mentorships can provide a shadowing experience with local Horticultural business owners.

17 Semester Courses 9 th grade offers an opportunity to learn basic skills while working with flowers by signing up for Floral Design class. This class is mostly hands-on in nature. Residential Landscape class provides opportunity to learn basic landscape design techniques However, hands-on and computer designing are only taught in year long Horticulture classes. Environmental Agriculture is available for students in grades 10-12.

18 Beyond High School – Post Secondary Ohio State/ATI – is right in Wooster, however, it is one of the premier horticulture degree schools in the nation. All Ohio State students majoring in Horticulture must spend 2 years at Ohio State/ATI. Degree programs include: Turf Management, Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Nursery Production, Greenhouse Production and Floral Design. Hocking College – in Nelsonville, Ohio is well known nationally for its Forestry and Urban Forestry programs. It is close to Ohio University and has a credit transfer arrangement made with them for students wishing to obtain a 4 year degree.

19 Employment Opportunities There is an extreme shortage of Horticulture employees nationwide with some employers offering bonuses for longevity and offers to pay for further training. Experienced workers can go anywhere in the country and be immediately hired. Corporations such as Davey Tree and TurGreen/Chemlawn offer advancement, stock options, retirement, and full benefits for those willing to apply themselves. While still in school, working for area landscapers and florists during early placement provides a chance to earn. Plain Local Schools hires many of our students for their Grounds Department each year. This is a good opportunity for students who do not have a car for work yet. You can work right where you go to school.

20 GlenOaks Horticulture – Mr. Gastin Past GlenOak Horticulture graduate Licensed Pesticide Operator – Ohio Director of Grounds for Plain Local Schools for 15 years. Teaches 11 th grade Horticulture and semester courses of Environmental Agriculture for 10 th, 11 th, and 12 th graders. Has run his own landscape business for 23 years. Director of Grounds for East Point Homeowners Association. Has taught at GlenOak for 13 years. Certified Briggs & Stratton Technician Ohio State University Master Gardener

21 GlenOaks Horticulture – Mr. Virdo Past GlenOak Horticulture graduate Licensed Pesticide Operator – Ohio Industry recognized Master Gardener by the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association as certified by Ohio State University. Director Of Horticulture for Bob-O-link Golf Course and Manor Apartments for 7 years Presently Director of Horticulture and Wetlands Manager for Sanctuary Golf Course. Managed Bob-O-Link Tree Service for 3 years.

22 GlenOaks Horticulture – Mr. Virdo Owner of Virdo Horticultural Services-Landscape Design/Consultation/Arborist/ Floral Design. Teaches 12 th grade Horticulture and 9 th grade semester courses in Floral Design and Residential Landscape. Teaches Horticulture adult classes for Plain Local Schools. Has taught at GlenOak for 27 years.

23 Almost forgot the fun…….. Sure we work each day, but accomplishing things successfully is fun. Our juniors and seniors received 2 nice hooded sweat shirts this year for their hard work during the holiday season. Each year trips are made to various schools and nursing homes to help people learn very basic flower design. Helping people is fun. We had our bowling field trip followed by whatever you could eat at Papa Bears. There will still be the spring picnic at Price Park with students from the other career classes. We have other mini-field trips as the need arises.

24 Class Pictures Horticulture - Come grow with us!

25 Interested…. Want more information? Contact your Guidance Counselor, an appropriate Career Education Teacher, or have your parents contact us directly for further answers or to make arrangements to come and visit us. We will be glad to have you. Horticulture can be exciting, fun, and a profitable future. But…. only you hold the key to that success. Come grow with us!

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