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Thesis Statements.

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1 Thesis Statements

2 In the Beginning… Decide on a subject, topic, and thesis statement.
A thesis statement is the claim/opinion you are going to PROVE in your paper

3 The “SO WHAT” Factor Why would the audience be interested in this topic? Why would they care? You must tell them flat out why they should be interested in your research. They do not have to agree with you, but they do have to want to hear your side. We should never hear your thesis statement and think “so what?” This may appear anywhere in the introduction but it must be IN the introduction.

4 Characteristics of Thesis Statements…
1. It will reflect the kind of paper you are writing (expository). 2. The author must take a side on the topic. 3. It must be debatable.

5 3. It is narrow and introduces one and only one idea.
4. It is stated in words that can be interpreted only one way. 5. It determines the content of the paper. It controls unity. 6. It gives clues to the structure and organization (list order).

6 Supporting a Thesis Statement
Details Examples Cause and effect Comparing and contrasting Explanations Definitions Don’t forget these must be provided in the form of expert evidence from sources. You are not an expert!

7 **Tips** Consider your audience
Understand it must be proven to be accepted It may change as you research - this is OK Do not announce it - avoid informal language

8 Claims Definition: an opinion/assertion open to challenge and debate
4 types of claims

9 Claims about VALUE: These are claims made about what something is worth, whether we value it or not, and how we would rate or categorize something. EX: Global warming is the most pressing challenge facing Americans today.

10 Claims of FACT or DEFINITION:
These claims argue about the accuracy of a definition or whether or not something is a settled and accepted fact. EX: What some people refer to as global warming is actually nothing more than long-term cycles of climate change.

11 Claims of CAUSE AND EFFECT:
These claims argue that one person, thing, or event caused another event to happen. EX: The popularity of SUVs in America has caused pollution to increase.

12 Claims of Solution: These claims argue for or against a specific solution to a specific problem. EX: Instead of drilling for oil in Alaska we should be focusing on ways to reduce oil consumption.

13 Sample Thesis Statements
Albert Einstein is the world’s most influential scientist. Einstein’s discoveries helped America become a powerful force in the world. Instead of taking them for granted, we should appreciate Einstein’s beliefs and discoveries, which are still relevant today.

14 Einstein’s discoveries proved to be valuable to the development of modern science.
Einstein’s inventions changed society is a negative way. Einstein’s discoveries, thought to be ingenious, are actually just the result of trial and error. Albert Einstein’s theories and achievements are some of the world’s greatest achievements.

15 Now let’s try it together!
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