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Inventions and other major U.S. Industries

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1 Inventions and other major U.S. Industries
Objectives: to identify other major industries and name inventions developed and their inventors

2 Major Industries Cattle ranching grew with the railroads
Meat-packing industry then grew Developed by Philip Armour, Gustavus Swift and Nelson Morris Led to the creation of a refrigerated railroad car

3 Meatpacking plant 1905

4 New Railroads Vanderbilt and James Hill were instrumental in constructing new railroads Created first great railroad system: the New York Central First to use steel rails, bridges and double tracks Hill created new settlements to help immigrants along the new railroads

5 New York Central Certificate

6 Other Inventions Thomas Edison- had an invention factory, where other inventors could work Created the first indoor electric light bulb Created the phonograph, which reproduced sound Alexander Graham Bell- telephone 1876 George Eastman Kodak Kodak camera

7 Other Inventions Lewis Waterman- 1884 Fountain Pen
Ottmar Mergenthaler typesetting George Washington Carver- Helped created equipment for crops Booker T. Washington- started the Tuskegee Institute Elisha Otis elevator Henry Ford- gas powered automobile engines Horatio Alger- Writer who explained “rags to riches”


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