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Proverbs By Mr. Cotton.

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1 Proverbs By Mr. Cotton

2 Proverb “The snake smiles but it shows no teeth.”
“Better the fox to guard the hens and the wolves to guard the sheep.”

3 Proverbs are: a short saying that gives advice.
based on people’s experiences. often date back to early days of a country.

4 Proverbs Every country has its own proverb.
You can learn a great deal about a country from its proverbs.

5 Proverbs take several forms.
Some proverbs are little verses. Some proverbs us an animal or other nonhuman thing to show how people should act. Some proverbs give a short piece of advice.

6 Proverbs always: Are interesting sentences with a certain rhythm or an amusing play on words. Contain some advice about how to live.

7 Understanding a proverb:
Takes a special skill. The words seem very simple, but you have to think about the meaning behind the words.

8 Understanding Proverbs:
First try to understand what the words of the proverb say. Then try to figure out the real meaning behind the words.

9 United States Proverbs
Early to bed and early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise. The early bird catches the worm. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

10 African Proverbs: No day dawns like another.
The child looks everywhere and often sees nothing; but the old man, sitting on the ground, sees everything. On the way to one’s loved one, there are no hills.

11 Chinese Proverbs A book holds a house of gold.
If you do not study hard when young you'll end up bewailing your failures as you grow up. Do not want others to know what you have done? Better not have done it anyways.

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