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Radial Symmetry.

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1 Radial Symmetry

2 Is there a way to study math and art at the same time?
Jasper Johns “Numbers in Color”

3 How does this piece incorporate math and art?

4 He used a pattern. Jasper Johns painted numbers.

5 There are other ways of using math and art together…
Let’s talk about Symmetry! What is Symmetry?

6 Symmetrical: When two halves of an object are mirror images of each other.

7 This flower is symmetrical.

8 It can be divided in half, and both sides are the same.
The red line is the line of symmetry.

9 Lots of shapes are symmetrical…
Rectangle Trapezoid Circle Hexagon Isosceles Triangle

10 Can you identify the line of symmetry in the following images?


12 Some objects have more than one line of symmetry…
These flowers have rotational symmetry, too! This means, that you can rotate them, and they will still look the same.

13 Radial Symmetry With rotational (or radial) symmetry, instead of an object being symmetrical over a line, it is symmetrical around a point. You can turn the object and it looks the same.

14 This star has radial symmetry.
You can turn it, and it still looks the same!

15 This piece of artwork has radial symmetry.
You can turn it, and it still looks the same!

16 What else has radial symmetry?

17 Pizza

18 A stop sign shape (octagon)

19 A Wheel

20 Today, we are going to make our own designs using radial symmetry!

21 Let’s get started!

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