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II. Physical Properties (p )

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1 II. Physical Properties (p. 363 - 371)
Ch Liquids & Solids II. Physical Properties (p )

2 A. Liquids vs. Solids IMF Strength Fluid Density Compressible
Diffusion LIQUIDS Stronger than in gases Y high N slower than in gases SOLIDS Very strong N high extremely slow

3 B. Liquid Properties Surface Tension
attractive force between particles in a liquid that minimizes surface area

4 B. Liquid Properties Capillary Action
attractive force between the surface of a liquid and the surface of a solid water mercury

5 C. Types of Solids Crystalline - repeating geometric pattern
covalent network metallic ionic covalent molecular Amorphous - no geometric pattern decreasing m.p.

6 C. Types of Solids Ionic (NaCl) Metallic

7 C. Types of Solids Covalent Molecular Covalent Network Amorphous (H2O)
(SiO2 - quartz) Amorphous (SiO2 - glass)

8 Phase Changes Click Here

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