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Math Story Problems: Level 3 Ms. Thornburgs Flash Cards!

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1 Math Story Problems: Level 3 Ms. Thornburgs Flash Cards!

2 Your Name Mrs. Johnson is fixing hamburgers for a picnic. She bought some packages of hamburger buns. EACH of the two larger packages has 12 buns in it. The smaller package has 8 buns in it. What is the TOTAL number of buns Mrs. Johnson has? 32 buns

3 Your Name Mrs. Martin made a DOZEN cups of coffee before breakfast. She drank 3 cups with her meal. How many cups of coffee are LEFT? 9 cups

4 Your Name Kendra bought HALF A DOZEN chocolate-covered mints. She ate 2 of them after dinner. How many mints did Kendra have LEFT? 4 mints

5 Your Name Abby has 3 chickens on her farm. On Wednesday one chicken laid 5 eggs. The second chicken laid 4 eggs, and the third laid 6 eggs. What is the TOTAL number of eggs laid by the chickens? 15 eggs

6 Your Name Jessica wants to paint a star on each of her dolls fingernails. She has 5 dolls. How many stars will Jessica have to pain IN ALL? 50 stars

7 Your Name A pet shop owner has 24 hamsters and 8 cages. If he puts the same number of hamsters in each cage, how many hamsters will he put in each cage? 3 hamsters

8 Your Name Mrs. Will bought some cartons of strawberries. The larger carton had 24 strawberries in it. EACH of the OTHER TWO had 15 strawberries in it. How many strawberries were IN ALL the cartons? 54 strawberries

9 Your Name Mrs. Robertson bought a DOZEN eggs. She used 5 of them in a cake she baked. How many eggs does Mrs. Robertson have LEFT? 7 eggs

10 Your Name Sean mailed HALF A DOZEN letters. EACH letter had 2 stamps on it. How many stamps did Sean need IN ALL? 12 stamps

11 Your Name Mrs. Thompson made 8 cakes and pies for a bake sale. She made 5 cakes and 3 pies. HOW MANY MORE cakes than pies did she make? 2 more cakes

12 Your Name The Morgan family has 6 bicycles. They want to put new tires on all the bikes. How many tires will they need ALTOGETHER for the bikes? 12 tires

13 Your Name Elizabeth made 12 buttermilk biscuits for breakfast. There are 4 people in her family. If each person eats the same number of biscuits, how many biscuits will each person eat? 3 biscuits

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