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1 Bacteria

2 Cell Type Are they unicellular or multicellular?
Are they prokaryotes or eukaryotes? Do they have a cell wall? What type? Explain gram staining (positive/ negative) Add picture here!

3 Divisions Kingdom Archaebacteria – Describe and list an example.
Kingdom Eubacteria – Describe and list an example. Add picture(s) here!

4 Energy How do bacteria get energy?
Are they autotrophs, heterotrophs, or both? If autotrophs, what process(es) and specialized organelles do they use to make energy? Give examples of bacteria that do this. If heterotrophs, do they obtain food by ingestion, absorption, or both? Give examples of bacteria that do this.

5 Movement Do bacteria move? Yes, no, or both?
How? What specialized structures do they have for movement? Describe each. Add picture/diagram here!

6 Habitat Where do they live? Archaebacteria Eubacteria
Describe halophiles, thermoacidophiles, methanogens Eubacteria List three examples of bacteria found in specific environments

7 Reproduction How do bacteria reproduce? Sexually, asexually, or both?
Describe Binary Fission Describe Conjugation Describe Spore Formation

8 Fun Facts Fun/Interesting Fact #1 Fun/Interesting Fact #2
For example, can bacteria cause disease in humans? Are they always “bad”? Include at least one picture or diagram to go along with your fun/interesting facts!

9 Works Cited Keep a list of all the sources you use to get information and pictures.  Minimum of 3 scientifically reliable sources required.

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