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Insurance Jeopardy AutoInsuranceHomeownersLifeHealth 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 Insurance Jeopardy AutoInsuranceHomeownersLifeHealth 10 20 30 40 50

2 Insurance coverage that protects a car owner against financial loss associated with damage from a collision with another car or object or from the car turning over.

3 Insurance protection against almost all losses except those caused from a collision or from the car turning over.

4 Insurance coverage that provides medical expense protection for the policyholder, immediate family members, and guests while in the insured person’s car.

5 A plan in which people injured in automobile accidents are required to collect for their financial losses from their own insurance companies no matter who is at fault.

6 Insurance coverage that protects the policy-holder and immediate family members against losses from injuries caused by a hit-and-run driver or by a driver who has no insurance or inadequate money to pay claims.

7 A policyholder’s request for payment for a loss that is covered by the insurance company.

8 The amount that a policyholder must pay for coverage.

9 The person for whom risk is assumed by an insurance company.

10 The planned protection provided by sharing economic losses.

11 Potential losses to others that occur as a result of injury or damage that you may have caused.

12 A list of goods showing the original cost of each item, when it was purchased, and how long it is expected to last.

13 The decrease in value as it becomes older and wears out.

14 Property that is permanently attached to the land.

15 A package-type insurance policy designed to fit the needs of most homeowners wishing to insure their homes and property.

16 The causes of loss, such as fire, wind or theft.

17 A life insurance policy that provides financial protection against loss of life during a definite period of time.

18 The person named in an insurance policy to receive the insurance benefits.

19 Permanent insurance extending over the insured’s lifetime.

20 A term life insurance policy that allows the policyholder to continue the term insurance for one or more terms without taking a physical examination to determine whether she or he is still a good risk.

21 Life insurance which provides both insurance protection and a substantial savings plan.

22 Insurance that helps pay for normal dental care and covers dental injuries resulting from accidents.

23 Insurance that protects a worker against the loss of income because of a long term illness or accident.

24 Insurance that pays most or all of the charges for room, food, and other hospital expenses.

25 Insurance that pays for non-surgical care given in the doctor’s office, the patient’s home, or a hospital

26 Organizations that provide complete health care to their members for a fixed monthly payment.

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