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II. Wave Properties of Light

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1 II. Wave Properties of Light
Ch. 13 – Light II. Wave Properties of Light (p. 384 – 388) Reflection Refraction Diffraction Interference

2 A. Reflection Reflection when a wave strikes an object and bounces off
Normal Reflection when a wave strikes an object and bounces off incident beam reflected beam

3 A. Reflection Law of Reflection
the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection

4 B. Refraction Refraction
bending of waves when passing from one medium to another caused by a change in speed slower (more dense)  light bends toward the normal SLOWER FASTER faster (less dense)  light bends away from the normal

5 B. Refraction Refraction depends on… speed of light in the medium
wavelength of the light – shorter wavelengths (blue) bend more

6 B. Refraction Example:

7 C. Diffraction Diffraction bending of waves around a barrier
longer wavelengths (red) bend more – opposite of refraction

8 D. Interference Interference constructive  brighter light
destructive  dimmer light

9 E. Cool Applications! Fiber Optics Total Internal Reflection
when all light is reflected back into the denser medium

10 E. Cool Applications! The “Broken Pencil” refraction
View animation and explanation of the “Broken Pencil.”

11 E. Cool Applications! Rainbows refraction-reflection-refraction

12 E. Cool Applications! Diffraction Gratings
glass or plastic made up of many tiny parallel slits may also be reflective spectroscopes, reflective rainbow stickers, CD surfaces

13 E. Cool Applications! Thin Films – Bubbles & Oil Slicks
interference results from double reflection

14 E. Cool Applications! Blue Sky & Red Sunsets
Molecules in atmosphere scatter light rays NOON less atmosphere less scattering blue sky, yellow sun Shorter wavelengths (blue, violet) are scattered more easily SUNSET more atmosphere more scattering orange-red sky & sun

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