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Kingdom Animalia Worms.

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1 Kingdom Animalia Worms

2 Cell Type Are they unicellular or multicellular?
Are they prokaryotes or eukaryotes? Are they vertebrates or invertebrates? What type of body symmetry do they have? Add pictures here!

3 Divisions Add picture(s) here! Worms List their phyla (3)
List and describe examples of organisms in each phyla How do they get oxygen (respiration)? How does each type sense things (nervous)? Add picture(s) here!

4 Energy How do they get energy?
Are they autotrophs or heterotrophs? Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, or detritivores? Discuss feeding and digestion for each type of worm. Be sure to mention any specialized structures they have to aid in feeding and digestion!

5 Movement How do they move?
Be sure to mention any specialized structures they have to aid in movement!

6 Habitat Where do they live? Worms (Give one example for each type)
Roundworms Flatworms Segmented worms

7 Reproduction How do they reproduce? Sexually, asexually, or both?
If asexual, explain the type of asexual reproduction they use If sexual, explain whether fertilization and development are internal or external If both sexual and asexual, explain both and tell why/when the organisms use each type.

8 Fun Facts Fun/Interesting Fact #1 Fun/Interesting Fact #2
For example, are there certain types of worms that are harmful to humans? Include at least one picture or diagram to go along with your fun/interesting facts!

9 Works Cited Keep a list of all the sources you use to get information and pictures.  Minimum of 3 scientifically reliable sources required.

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