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Ancient Egypt.

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1 Ancient Egypt

2 Mediterranean Sea Nile Delta Lower Egypt Libyan Desert Nile River
Sinai Peninsula Nile River Nubian Desert The Red Sea Upper Egypt

3 Found by Napoleon's army in 1799
The Rosetta Stone Found by Napoleon's army in 1799 The Rosetta Stone had the same message written in hieroglyphics, demotic, and Greek.

4 Pharaoh Nobles and Priests Scribes Craftsmen and Merchants Peasants Slaves

5 Ancient Egypt Experienced Three Time Periods :
The Old Kingdom 2700 BC BC The Middle Kingdom 2050 BC BC The New Kingdom 1550 BC BC

6 The Old Kingdom (2700-2200BC) Monarchy Menes
This was the Pyramid Age. (Over 80 were built) The ruler was called the Pharaoh (King). This form of government is called a Monarchy The Pharaoh was considered a god. A nation ruled by the religious leaders is called a Theocracy Agriculture The basis of the economy was The Main crops were Wheat & Barley There were few slaves in this kingdom since there were few wars. Capital city: Memphis Menes The ruler who united Egypt:

7 Why did the Pharaoh wear a double crown?
To represent that the Pharaoh was ruler of both the Upper & Lower Kingdoms.

8 The Middle Kingdom (2050-1800BC)
Faced many problems: Nile did not flood as much Food shortages Rebellions Invasions They were invaded by the Hyksos from Asia. The Hyksos had a weapon the Egyptians lacked, The Chariot

9 The New Kingdom (1550-1100BC) Thebes King Tutankhamen (Tut) Ramses II
Used chariots to become stronger. Conquered Nubia, Palestine, and Syria. Began to use captives as slaves. Thebes Capital city: Two famous rulers from this period: King Tutankhamen (Tut) Ramses II

10 The Great Pyramids at Giza
What was the purpose of the pyramids? They were tombs of the Pharaohs.

11 The pyramid of Zoser, also known as the step pyramid.

12 The great pyramid of Cheops. It is 484 feet high and had 2
The great pyramid of Cheops. It is 484 feet high and had 2.3 million blocks of stone each weighing over 2 tons. The base covers 13 acres.

13 The Sphinx

14 King Tut’s Death Mask King Tut’s Mummy


16 If the Egyptians had many gods, what kind of religion did they have?
Sobek- crocodile headed god Kheper- god of rising sun Maat- Goddess of truth of the Nile and justice Polytheistic Osiris- god of the dead Isis- wife of Osiris, Amon-Re- the sun god. protector of children

17 Egyptian writing is called hieroglyphics.

18 This is your homework



21 Ramses II


23 Ruins at Thebes

24 The End

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