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Licenses Driving Requirements GDL Program

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1 Licenses Driving Requirements GDL Program
Driver’s Education Licenses Driving Requirements GDL Program

2 DO NOW: Pgs. 5-15 of Manual Take a Manual from the front table.
Read pages 5-15 On a sheet of paper answer the following questions – just the answers…TO BE HANDED IN What 3 documents must a driver possess while operating a vehicle? A motorist who changes their address must report this to the MVC within how many weeks? A motorist who legally changed his/her name must report this to the MVC within how many weeks? Getting a driver’s license illegally may result in a fine of $200 - $_______ and/or imprisonment of days. How many POINTS of ID must applicants present in order to obtain their license?

3 Digital Driver License
17-21 Years Old 21 Years and Older

4 Digital Driver License
Restrictions 1 – Corrective Lenses 2 – Prosthetic Device 3 – Mechanical Device 4 – Hearing Impaired 5 – Attached Restrictions Any modifications to an applicants vehicle

5 Steps towards a NJ Driver’s License
Permit- Age 16 (early bird) or 17 Provisional license Basic license- Class D OVER 21 UNDER 21 Name change = 2 weeks Address change = 1 week after moving

6 Types of New Jersey License
Expiration 4 Years Minimum Age 18 (Permit 16) Permit Fee $10 Photo License Fee $24 Tests(s) Required KVR Basic Automobile License For all types of CLASS D motor vehicles registered by the MVC, except motorcycles. Expiration 4 Years Minimum Age 17 Permit Fee $10 + $4 decals Photo License Fee $6 Tests(s) Required KVR Probationary Automobile License For all types of CLASS D motor vehicles registered by the MVC, except motorcycles.


8 6 point ID verification Age - Identity - Legal presence in the U.S.
To be issued a NJ driver’s license a resident must prove Age - Identity - Legal presence in the U.S. Each document is worth a different point value. 1. One primary document (4 points): Birth certificate, driver’s license, US passport, US citizenship or US adoption papers 2. One secondary document (1-3 points): Social Security card, bank statement, ATM card, high school/college ID 3. Proof of address (must): Credit card bill, high school report card, rental contract or if under 18, MVC will accept Parent/Guardian Certification that verifies you are living with the parent/guardian at address. 4. Social Security card (must – 1 point)

9 Requirements for a Basic Driver License
6 Point ID Verification 1 Primary Document 1 Secondary Document Proof of Address Social Security Card Vision Test 20/50 Knowledge Test 80% 40 out of 50 questions correct Multiple Choice

10 What is 20/50? FIRST NUMBER The distance that the applicant would be standing (only this number changes) SECOND NUMBER The distance an individual with healthy vision would be able to stand and read the same thing.

11 Road Test *By appointment ONLY*
Test Vehicle Requirements Elements of the Road Test

12 Test Vehicle Requirements
Applicant MUST HAVE: Valid Permit (accompanied by a licensed driver) Inspection Sticker Registration Insurance ID card A vehicle that does not prevent the examiner from reaching the foot or parking break.

13 Vehicle Information title – register and provide insurance TITLE
New Jersey residents who buy a new or used vehicle must title – register and provide insurance before driving the vehicle on public roads. TITLE A legal certificate of vehicle ownership issued by the MVC. It lists: current owner's name/address make, model & year of vehicle the first date sold vehicle mileage

14 New Jersey Vehicle Registration
Application information includes: Name of the vehicle’s current insurance company name and the policy number. Show proof of vehicle ownership. (manufacturer’s certificate of origin, dealer’s certificate of sale or a title) Show proof that the required sales tax has been paid. Note: In New Jersey a motorist must be at least 17 years old to register a vehicle.

15 NJ License Plates 2 matching license plates; Specialty plates
one front plate one rear plate Both plates must be clean and visible. The rear plate must be lit so it is visible from 50 feet at night. Specialty plates Using license plate covers that obscure or conceal any lettering on the license plate is a violation, with a fine of up to $100.

16 NJ Vehicle Inspection *All gas-fueled vehicles, registered in NJ must pass inspections every two years only for emissions. (Changed as of August 1, 2010) *Brand new cars do not need an inspection until the 5th year *Motorcycles are now exempt from inspection. Where? Free at a state inspection facility $ $40.00 at a state licensed private inspection facility (gas station) Vehicle passes inspection A certificate of approval is put in the lower left corner of the windshield. Vehicle fails inspection One month to repair problems

17 NJ Vehicle Insurance Motor vehicle liability insurance is mandatory in the State of New Jersey. Proof that you will be held financially responsibility if you cause damage to property or injure a person An Insurance Identification Card must remain in the vehicle with the driver. Shown; prior to inspection when involved in an accident when stopped by law enforcement for a traffic violation or roadside spot check. Driving with an uninsured vehicle can result in fines, community service, license/registration suspension and insurance surcharges.

18 Types of Insurance Factors that determine cost of insurance
Age (under 25 - more expensive) Driving record Miles per year you drive Where you live How you drive to work (car pool) Gender (men drive more often) Marital status Value of vehicle (more expensive the car, the more insurance cost) Type of car (sport car vs. sedan) Driver education course Types of Insurance Liability Insurance Collision Insurance covers vehicle damages if you cause a crash or hit someone without insurance Comprehensive Insurance covers vehicle damage caused by something other than a collision, (fire, natural disasters, falling objects, vandalism) No fault Insurance pays medical bills

19 Do Now… TO BE COLLECTED Name the 3 steps to a basic license (3 different licenses). A basic or probationary license will expire every ______ years. How many points of identification do you need? What score do you need to get on the written exam? Vision exam? What are the 4 valid documents you must have for the vehicle you are driving for a road test?

20 Road Test *By appointment ONLY*
Test Vehicle Requirements Elements of the Road Test

21 Road Test Testing on the skills of driving (must complete 6 months of supervised driving)
Pass = provisional license. Fail = wait at least two weeks before taking the test again. After several failures wait six months before retaking the road test. #1: Driving performance may be the reason for failure Driving in reverse Following distance Corners and intersections Parallel parking Steering properly Stopping Yielding Use of horn

22 Elements of the Road Test
TEST ITEM PAGE Driving in reverse 49 Following other vehicles 84 Nearing corners, intersections 62 Parking (parallel) 52 Sitting properly 38 Starting a vehicle 44,45 Steering properly 46,47 Stopping at signs 71 Stopping smoothly 48 Turning 50,68,69 Turning around 51 Using the horn 43 Yielding right-of-way 61

23 #2: The vehicle may be the cause of failure
• Improper, expired or no inspection sticker • Lack of examiner access to foot brake or parking brake • Any defect or condition that affects the safe operation of the test vehicle, – Poor brakes – Unsafe tires – Vehicle interior is not in clean condition – Vehicle failed inspection – Fast engine idle – Missing seat belts

24 Graduated Driver License (GDL)
Options The Early Bird Road The Young Adult Road The Adult Road

25 The Early Bird Road Step 1 – Get a Special Learner Permit
At least 16 years old Step 2 – Practice with an Adult Supervising Must practice for at least 6 months Step 3 – Get a Probationary License Must pass MVC’s road test At least 17 years old Step 4 – With a Probationary Driver License Restrictions Step 5 – Get the Basic Driver License Must be at least 18

26 Graduated Driver Licensing Program & Requirements - GDL
Permit (Special Learners Permit) 16+ years Display decal Vision & Written Exam Behind the Wheel Course – 6 hours Supervised driving with NJ Licensed driver; 21+ years old w/ minimum 3 years experience (must be in front passenger seat) Not permitted to drive after 11:01pm and before 5:00am Limited to only ONE non-family member passenger ALL passengers must wear seatbelts No hand-held electronic devices

27 Restrictions Probationary Driver License Special Learner Permit
No driving 11:01pm-5:00am NO USE of any electronics Hand-held, or hands-free phones Shotgun Seat At least 21 years old 3 years driving experience minimum Max Passengers Parent/guardian & one additional Everyone MUST WEAR SEAT BELTS MUST display decals SAME AS “SPECIAL LEARNER PERMIT” -PLUS- ONLY ONE passenger, UNLESS accompanied by driver’s parent/guardian.

28 Graduated Driver Licensing Program & Requirements - GDL
Provisional License/Probationary 17+ years old w/ at least 6 months driving experience Display Decal Road Test Not permitted to drive after 11:01pm and before 5:00am Limited to only ONE non-family member passenger, unless 21+ years old ALL passengers must wear a seat belt Do NOT need a supervising driver No hand-held electronic devices

29 Graduated Driver Licensing Program & Requirements - GDL
Basic License 18+ years old Must meet all provisional requirements Have minimum 1 year driving experience with valid provisional license Must have < 2 motor vehicle points and not convicted of any other serious motor vehicle offenses

30 GDL Decals Must be displayed on both license plates of any vehicle being operated by an individual who possess a permit or probationary license.

31 Why do I have to go through the GDL process?

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