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Review for World History Spring Semester Final Exam

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1 Review for World History Spring Semester Final Exam

2 Directions Use a separate sheet of paper to answer the review questions for our spring semester final exam Turn this in at the end of the period Do not use books, the internet, notes or anyone else…you have a final coming up, see what you remember and what you need to review

3 Match the following terms to their definitions
Abdicate Appeasement Attrition Revolution Rebellion Meiji Propaganda Realpolitik Apartheid Social Darwinism a. Wearing down until enemy surrenders b. To step down or give up c. Citizens fight to overthrow gov’t d. “Advertising” for a gov’t cause e. Legal segregation f. Only the “fit” are successful g. To give someone something in order to avoid a fight/conflict h. Citizens fight to change a policy that they feel is unfair i. “Enlightened Rule” j. Political theory where ends justify the means – do whatever is necessary to gain goals

4 Copy and fill out the chart.
Revolution Monarch before revolution Leader of Revolution What did they fight for? Interesting facts… Who won? English Civil War Becomes dictatorship Haitian End to Slavery American G. W. & T.J. French Louis XVI

5 Match the following terms.
Belief that all should be economically equal with the government in control of all resources All countries allowed to trade in a sphere of influence Political theory that if one nation fell to communism then all weak countries within the region would also turn to communism. To give up; particularly used in a monarchy Belief that god has allowed someone to rule Meeting of European powers that reset the balance after the fall of Napoleon Belief that individuals should invest and be in charge of resources Usually a dictator ship where one person is in control of media, education, economy, government Theory of Divine Right Abdicate Congress of Vienna Open Door Policy Capitalism Communism Totalitarianism Domino Theory

6 Napoleon. Declared himself ______________ after the French Revolution.
Where was Napoleon defeated?

7 Industrial Revolution
Where does it start? Why does it start here? Name some of the issues with the industrial revolution for workers.

8 Causes of WWI are… M A I N

9 Sparking the “Powder Keg”
What area of the world was considered the “powder keg”? Whose assassination sparked the “powder keg”?

10 WWI: the sides Name the members of the Alliances.
Central Powers Allied Powers

11 Russian Revolution Who came to power as a result of the Russian Revolution? What main political theory did he subscribe to? After the Revolution, Russia became the __________.

12 Dictators Name the totalitarian dictators of WWII. Where were they in power?

13 WWII: the sides Name the members of the Alliances
Axis Powers Allied Powers

14 Cold War Matching US gives money to war torn European nations in exchange for staying Democratic Divide between Democratic and Communist nations described by Churchill Defensive alliance between US, GB, and other Western nations Countries around the USSR that were under the control of the Communists If any country is in danger of invasion by Communists, the US will come to their aid Defensive alliance between USSR and other communist nations Satellite Nations Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan NATO Warsaw Pact Iron Curtain

15 Who was this man? What did he do? How did he do it? Who did he influence?

16 REMINDERS!!! You need to review on your own for the final (remember it counts 15% of your grade). You will need a pencil for your final exam. Don’t forget to know the geography on the study guide! COME PREPARED SO YOU CAN LEAVE FOR BREAK KNOWING YOU DID YOUR BEST!!

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