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brain surgeon Are You Smarter than a 5th grader?

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1 brain surgeon Are You Smarter than a 5th grader?

2 Are You Smarter Than a Brain surgeon?
1,000,000 Are You Smarter Than a Brain surgeon? 500,000 300,000 Regions Topic 1 Regions Topic 2 175,000 100,000 Testing Topic 3 Testing Topic 4 50,000 Conditions Topic 5 Conditions Topic 6 25,000 10,000 Functions Topic 7 Functions Topic 8 5,000 2,000 Nicknames Topic 9 Nicknames Topic 10 1,000

3 Regions Topic 1 Question
A young man has just received serious burns, resulting from standing with his back too close to a bonfire. He is muttering that he never felt the pain. Otherwise, he would have smothered the flames by rolling on the ground. What part of his Brain might be malfunctioning?

4 Regions Topic 1 Answer He us unable to feel the heat on the skin of his back. The somatosensory cortex of his brain may not be working. Return

5 Regions Topic 2 Question
This region of the brain helps you to never forget how to ride a bike. It takes over learned motor skills.

6 Regions Topic 2 Answer The cerebellum Return

7 Testing Topic 3 Question
A 12 year old boy suddenly falls to the ground, having an epileptic seizure. He is rushed to the emergency room of the local hospital for medication. His follow-up care includes a recording of his brain waves to try to determine the area of the lesion. What is this procedure called?

8 Testing Topic 3 Answer Electroencephalogram (EEG) Return

9 Testing Topic 4 Question
A flat EEG is evidence of what?

10 Testing Topic 4 Answer Clinical death Return

11 Conditions Topic 5 Question
An example of basal nuclei problems resulting from a degeneration of the dopamine-releasing neurons of the substantia nigra. Symptoms include persistent tremors, a forward-bent walking posture and shuffling gait and stiff facial expression.

12 Conditions Topic 5 Answer
Parkinson’s disease Return

13 Conditions Topic 6 Question
Danny is the star of his high school hockey team. During a game, he is slammed into the glass and falls hard to the ice. He had a headache and continued to feel dizzy for hours after the game. Even tho his symptoms improved Danny’s coach made him sit out the following game, Why?

14 Conditions Topic 6 Answer
Danny had a concussion. With the swelling involved with a concussion the brain is very vulnerable, even the slightest jarring could cause permanent damage.

15 Functions Topic 7 Question
The outermost covering of the brain, composed of tough fibrous connective tissue and forming the periosteum of the skull.

16 Functions Topic 7 Answer
Dura matter (outer meningial membrane) Return

17 Functions Topic 8 Question
Important relay station for afferent fibers traveling to the sensory cortex for interpretation.

18 Functions Topic 8 Answer
Thalamus Return

19 Nicknames Topic 9 Question
Given a nickname because it “sees” light and dark. It is responsible for regulating the internal clock with the release of a hormone. What is the name of this part of the brain and what is it’s nickname?

20 Nicknames Topic 9 Answer
The pineal gland nicknamed “the third eye” Return

21 Nicknames Topic 10 Question
Give the correct name and function of the part of the brain nicknamed “the reptilian brain”.

22 Nicknames Topic 10 Answer
The brainstem controls the essential survival functions like breathing and heartbeat; digestion and elimination of waste; and body temperature. Maintains life without conscience thought. Return

23 Topic 11 Million Dollar Question

24 3 point Question While you were playing these games, what part of your brain was getting the biggest workout? You must list at least three areas and how they were helping you today.

25 3 point Answer Long term memory - Hippocamus, frontal lobe cortex, thalamus, & hypothalamus, Short term memory - Parietal lobe, upper temporal lobe, & occipital lobe Return

26 Thanks for Playing!

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