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Thank you to all parents for a successful start to the new year!

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2 Thank you to all parents for a successful start to the new year!

3 Wonders Reading *Predict/Infer *Visualize *Identify Genre *Identify Main Idea & Details *Analyze Text *Cite Text Evidence *Word/Vocabulary Skills *Ask/Answer ?s *Summarize *Text Connections

4 Wonders Writing GENRES OF WRITING *Personal & Fictional Narrative *Research *Friendly Letter *Book Review *How-To *Explanatory Essay *Opinion WRITING TRAITS *Ideas *Sentence Fluency *Organization *Word Choice *Conventions *Voice

5 Writing Process Ideas PRE- WRITE DRAFT Choose an idea and write REVISE PROOF- READ PUBLISH WRITING PROCESS Rewrite & add changes Correct any mistakes

6 Wonders Spelling/Grammar Students will receive a Spelling & Grammar HW packet for each unit. Students will complete one page (front/back) each evening Monday – Thursday. Students will take a Spelling & Grammar Test each Friday

7 Students will review lower case letters and then move through UPPER CASE. Handwriting: Zaner-Bloser

8 EVERYDAY MATH Content Strands Numbers / Numeration Operations and Computations Data and Chance Measurement and Reference Frames Geometry Patterns, Functions and Algebra

9 PRACTICE MATH FACTS! Flash Cards EDM Online Games Apps for tablets and smartphones Math Fact Café (My Links) Xtra Math Website (My Links)

10 Science Life Science Living Things in Our World Living Things Interact Physical Science Investigating Matter and Energy Exploring Forces and Motion Earth Science Earth ’ s Land Weather and Space

11 Science At the end of each unit students will be given an assessment. Prior to the test two handouts will come home. One is a study guide the other is a review sheet. Students may take text books home but they can also view the entire book online. Please keep in mind the concepts on these assessments take some time to fully understand so we will be reinforcing them throughout the year.

12 Social Studies Unit 3 Pennsylvania Economy Unit 2 Pennsylvania Civics & Government Pennsylvania Heritage Unit 1 Pennsylvania History & Geography

13 Students will participate in a character education program called POSITIVE ACTION. Students will be participating in weekly lessons related to social, emotional, intellectual and physical health. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a Positive Action Celebration at the end of each week. To earn participation, they will need to exhibit positive behaviors throughout the week. Positive Action Program

14 Homework Contents of Homework Folder: Reading Log Assignment Book Homelink Booklet Spelling/Grammar Booklet Please sign your child ’ s Assignment Book AND Reading Log each night.

15 Reading Log Take time to review the reading log with your children. It is important that your child keep up with his/her nightly reading. Refer to the front of the log for reading strategies and important information from our reading specialist regarding our school wide reading program.

16 Assessments PSSA – Reading & Math Running Records throughout the year Wonders Reading Assessments Wonders Writing Projects Weekly Spelling Tests Math Unit Assessments Math Check-ups

17 Class Parties Halloween - Oct.31 Winter - Dec. 23 Valentine ’ s Day - Feb. 12 End of Year Picnic – June 9 If you are assisting with a class party, please follow the Wellness Policy!

18 Field Trip Pennsbury Manor Spring 2015

19 * EXCEL * *PENCILS, PLEASE!* *BIRTHDAYS* *MATH HOMEWORK* *Web Site*Web Site A few more points…

20 Thanks for coming! We are going to have a great year! Any Questions?

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