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Who turned out the lights? Middle Ages Web Quest.

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1 Who turned out the lights? Middle Ages Web Quest

2 Web Quest Instructions Read each of the following slides and complete the questions. I expect in-depth paragraphs (100+ word minimum) as answers. You may type your answers on Medieval World Review Web Quest templateMedieval World Review Web Quest template Use the imbedded links on each slide to complete your tasks. This assignment is worth 50 points in your project grade column.

3 Quest #1 Why did the fall of Rome create disorder in Europe? BBC - History - Ancient History in depth: The Fall of Rome

4 Quest #2 How did Frankish rulers such as Charlemagne gain control of Western Europe? Lecture 20: Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance

5 Quest #3 How did the Germanic traditions differ from the Roman traditions? Ancient Roman Culture Germanic Tribes and the Conquest of Rome

6 Quest #4 Why was medieval life organized around feudalism and the manorial system? What were the roles of different members of society such as; knights, vassals, lords, serfs, and merchants? Lecture 21: Feudalism and the Feudal Relationship

7 Quest #5 Why was the Magna Carta a very significant document? How did it advance individual liberties? Magna Carta Magna Charta and American Law Magna Carta - Awesome Stories

8 Quest #6 What was the role of the Church and Papacy during the Early Middle Ages? How did the medieval church affect people's lives? Christianity, The Church In The Early Middle Ages

9 Quest #7 What effect did the Viking raids have on Europe during the Middle Ages? FC42: The Vikings and their impact (c CE) - The Flow of History VIKINGS

10 Quest #8 How was European feudalism similar to Japan? apworld - Japanese and European feudalism [Regents Prep Global History] Political Systems: Feudalism

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