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Communities & Biomes.

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1 Communities & Biomes

2 Biotic & Abiotic Factors
Living organisms Abiotic = Nonliving Soil,Air,Water Substrate

3 1.Community: Biotic factors
All the Plants & Animals In a given area ? Community of Del Mar

4 Forest Community ………….. Deciduous trees Deer Fox Skunks Insects Shrubs

5 Ecosystem: Both biotic and abiotic factors in a large area:

6 2. Limiting Factor Limits Growth Biotic or Abiotic Too much or
Too little

7 Ranges of Tolerance Range over which a population or organism can successfully survive & grow Too much or too little of an environmental factor can be limiting

8 3. Succession Orderly change Over time Natural Species Replacement
In a community or ecosystem

9 Succession communities:
3. Climax community 2. Intermediate species Pioneer species

10 Pioneer species: Lichens (algae & fungi) break apart rock to make soil
Grasses Annual flowers Mosses

11 Climax Community: final set of organisms suited to that climate

12 Deciduous Climax Forest

13 San Diego Coastal Sage & Chaparral Climax Community

14 Types of Succession Secondary Primary After a “blowout”
Re-establish a community Already had living organisms Fire, flood, human disruption Primary 1st time plants or animals are established New island Volcanoes Bare soil, rock

15 New island= Primary Succession

16 Secondary Succession will follow!

17 Primary Or Secondary?

18 BOTH PRIMARY & SECONDARY have these Succession communities:
3. Climax community 2. Intermediate species Pioneer species

19 Biome biotic community dominant plants and animals unique climate
Biomes of the World

20 BIOMES Tundra Coniferous Forest Deciduous Forest Desert Grassland
Rainforest See Biome PP for examples

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