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Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal Islamic Empires

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1 Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal Islamic Empires
The Gunpowder Empires Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal Islamic Empires

2 Nomadic Nature of Origins
All three empires were founded by Turkic speaking nomads Founding leaders took advantage of power vacuum left by Mongols

3 Mongol Empire at its height.

4 Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal empires at their height

5 Decrease in Size of Nomadic Zones
CE Central Asia was dominated by nomads By 1400, this area began to be dominated by peasants and landlords. Turks began to settle down. Cavalry not as important by 1400, but instead gunpowder weaponry becomes key.






11 Common Characteristics
Each lasted fairly long: Ottomans late 1300s-1918, Safavid , and the Mughal 1500s-1850. Each had stable borders and identified with a particular region. Each had an impact on the religious composition of their region.

12 Diverse Empires All three were tolerant to non-Muslims within their empires but not tolerant of rival Muslim sects (Sunni Ottomans vs. Shi’a Safavid) Cultural exchange between the three led to great artistic and architectural achievements.

13 Carpets from the Middle East became the new hot commodity in Europe- outpaced silk.




17 Mehmed II (Ottoman)

18 Suleiman I (Ottoman)

19 Shah Abbas I (Safavid)

20 Babur (Mughal)

21 Akbar (Mughal)

22 Decline of the Empires Indifferent to Europe and did not keep up with European scientific and technological advances. Europeans took greater advantage of revolution in gunpowder technologies. Lack of strong bureaucracies allowed the military to gain influence over and independence from central government.

23 Decline (cont’d) 3. Rivalries with each other (religious).
4. Problems holding together diverse empires. 5. Failure to see rising threat from Europe. 6. Loss of Indian Ocean sea trade revenues due to take over by Europeans (still impacts region today.)

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