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The Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 1-5 Review

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1 The Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 1-5 Review

2 a sandy area at the water’s edge

3 beach

4 a hollow in the earth usually opening into a hillside

5 cave

6 a steep, rocky slope along a coastline

7 cliff

8 a small, protected bay

9 cove

10 a small crack in a rocky hillside

11 crevice

12 a hill of sand built up by the wind

13 dune

14 a narrow canyon with steep, rocky walls

15 gorge

16 a tract of land surrounded by water

17 island

18 another name for seaweed

19 kelp

20 a unit of distance that is about 3 miles

21 league

22 a shelf of rock

23 ledge

24 a high, flat plateau of land

25 mesa

26 a long pathway between two hillsides

27 ravine

28 a ridge of rock near the water’s edge

29 reef

30 heavy stones

31 rocks

32 another name for a path

33 trail

34 a black, sticky substance

35 pitch

36 How old were Karana and Ramo?

37 Karana was 12, Ramo was 6.

38 What is the Chief’s name?

39 The Chief’s name was Chief Chowig and he was killed by the Aleuts.

40 What is the main setting of the story?

41 The main setting of the story so far is Coral Cove, on the Island of the Blue Dolphins.

42 Do you think the Aleuts ever meant to trade fairly with Chief Chowig?

43 No, I don’t think the Aleuts can be trusted.

44 What event was considered good fortune to the people of Ghalas-at?

45 The villagers thought that the school of white bass that were washed up near the shore was a sign of good fortune.

46 What did the villagers believe was bad luck?

47 The villagers believed it was bad luck to give away your secret name.

48 What animal did the Aleuts come to the island to hunt?

49 The Aleuts came to the island to hunt sea otter.

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