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Lab Safety Milton High School.

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1 Lab Safety Milton High School

2 Steps to Prove You are a Responsible Science Student
Read lab safety contract Follow all lab safety procedures Notify the teacher immediately when a lab accident occurs Correct your classmates when they fail to follow lab procedures Follow instructions

3 Where and Why Science Accidents Occur
Student failure to read and understand instructions Failure to enforce safety in the lab Poorly written lab instructions Overcrowded science classrooms

4 Overcrowded Classrooms
Minimize your movement around classroom Bookbags should be placed out of the way and not in the aisles Listen carefully to all instructions Ask questions when in doubt

5 When do student’s need to wear goggles?

6 Circumstances requiring eye-protective devices
Anytime a student is engaged in an activity or is observing the use of hazardous substances likely to cause injury to the eyes Working with hot metal Working with hot liquids or solids or with chemicals that are flammable, toxic, corrosive to living tissues, irritating, strongly sensitizing, or that generate pressure through heat, decomposition, or other means Working with materials or equipment under stress, pressure, or force that might cause fragmentation

7 Should students wear safety goggles when heating water?
Do you see any safety violations in this picture?

8 You are working on a lab activity which involves the use of concentrated hydrochloric acid. You begin to smell an unusual odor in the classroom. What actions do you take?

9 What are the safety precautions necessary for the dissection of a flower?

10 A very simple activity – what might go wrong?

11 Goggles should remain on until all students have finished cleaning up after the lab – there is still potential for chemical splashes and broken glassware during clean-up

12 Closed-toe shoes will be worn during lab
No sandals during lab Closed-toe shoes will be worn during lab

13 Do you see anything wrong in this picture?

14 When do you add water to acid?

15 If a chemical splashes in your eye(s) or on your skin, immediately flush with running water for at least 20 minutes and notify the teacher immediately

16 Why are students not allowed in the lab storage room?

17 In case of an emergency be sure all containers are closed and gas valves and electrical equipment is turned off

18 No food or drink in the lab
No horseplay, practical jokes or pranks in the lab

19 Long hair should be tied back
Keep flammable liquids away from an open flame


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