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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Knights FeudalismChurchCrusades Magna Carta Important Facts main.

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5 With Host... Your

6 100 200 300 400 500 Knights FeudalismChurchCrusades Magna Carta Important Facts main

7 The Knights code of conduct. A 100 Knights What is Chivalry?

8 Oath of loyalty given to the lord. A 200 What is the oath of fealty?

9 The three stages for becoming a Knight. A 300 What are page, squire, and knight?

10 Military technology that made Knights less effective. A 400 What are the long bow and guns?

11 Components of the Chivalry code. A 500 What are courtesy, honor, defending the weak, & loyalty to Church and to one’s lord?

12 Classes of Feudal Europe from the top. B 100 Feudalism What is a monarch, lords and ladies, knights, peasants, and serfs?

13 Importance of the Battle of Hastings victory by William the Conqueror. B 200 What is brought Feudalism to England?

14 A union of people who regulated trade and set up apprenticeships for their trade. B 300 What is a guild?

15 Main reason Feudalism developed in Europe. B 400 What is to provide protection from the Vikings, Muslims and Magyars?

16 Feudalism lasted longer in Japan than in Europe because of this. B 500 What is government administrators who were not warriors & isolation from the west?

17 The three vows required by St. Benedict. C 100 Church What are poverty, chastity, and obedience?

18 Key architectural features of a Gothic Cathedral. C 200 What are stained glass windows, flying buttresses, gargoyles & ribbed arches?

19 Both the causes and effects of the Great Schism. C 300 What are confusion over who was the new Pope and then lessened respect for the Church and inspired calls for reform?

20 Agreement between King and Church leaders over who appoints church officials. C 400 What is the Concordat of Worms?

21 Ways in which the Church affected the lives of ordinary people. C 500 What are education, politics, the arts, and daily life?

22 Two main sides fighting in the Crusades. D 100 Crusades Who are the Muslims and the Christians?

23 Positive effects of the Crusades. D 200 What are trade, new luxury goods from the east, new technology, & understanding of other cultures?

24 Positive accomplishments by Richard I in the third crusade. D 300 What is captured some towns and won protection for Christian pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem?

25 Negative outcomes of the Crusades. D 400 What are the destruction of Constantinople, loss of Jerusalem, tension between Jews, Christians and Muslims & abuses on innocent people?

26 D 500 Ways in which Crusades demonstrated the power of the Church in Europe. What are Church was able to unify Europe to fight Muslims in the Holy Land?

27 Was forced to sign the Magna Carta. E 100 Magna Carta Who is King John?

28 Effect of the Magna Carta on the Courts. E 200 What is set up system with trials and juries?

29 Took power from the King and gave power to us. E 300 Who are the lords and common people?

30 Main ideas of the Magna Carta. E 400 What are no imprisonment without jury trial, consultation with lords before taxing, king is not above the law & no interference with Church’s authority?

31 King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta here. E 500 Where is Runnymede?

32 King Edward I’s idea to include more people in government. F 100 Important Facts What is the Model Parliament?

33 Italian scholar who tried to bridge the gap between reason and faith. F 200 Who is Thomas Aquinas?

34 Two major types of castles. F 300 What are Motte and Bailey and stone?

35 Details of agreement between Henry IV and Gregory VII. F 400 What is church officials would elect bishops and abbots but bishops and abbots would still have to obey the emperor?

36 Main causes of the decline of feudalism. F 500 What is political developments (legal reforms, Magna Carta, & Model Parliament), Hundred Year War, nationalism and the bubonic plague (less peasants so they could demand more rights)?

37 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Feudalism Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin Finalcategory

38 Main differences between Europe and Japan’s feudal societies. Click on screen to continue finalquestion

39 What is religion (Christian v. Shinto/Buddhism), Fighting (internal v. external), Monarch/Emperor (many v. one), Education (not common, v. common), Class System (no upward mobility v. ability to move up), Art and Literature (religious v. nature) and Throne (inherited v. not inherited)?

40 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy!

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