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TIA REPORT “From Sydney to Ottawa” GSC 8 Dan Bart, TIA.

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1 TIA REPORT “From Sydney to Ottawa” GSC 8 Dan Bart, TIA

2 Overview  Retrospective –The view from the rear view mirror, where have we been  Prospective –Emerging issues: The road ahead, the view through the windshield

3 Technical Committee Activities  TIA endorsed ANSI National Standards Strategy  ANSI Audit completed April 2003, awaiting report  IPR in standards area is becoming hot topic taking more time  TIA now Vice Chair of 3GPP2 Steering Committee –Chair passed to Japan –Managed budget to surplus –WLAN issues well underway –WLAN/cdma2000 ® interworking and coexistence with cordless. –Security issues worked by IEEE  Homeland Security taking more and more staff time

4 Cost Controls/Right Sizing  TIA Standards program “right sized” from 11 Engineering Committees down to 8  2002 Budget performance –Standards and Technology department was under budget due to cost controls and reduced staff and travel –standards meeting hotel expenses under budget –revenue for Non-Member fees better than budget –standards revenue slightly under budget  Standards Statistics –Load more than doubled from 2001 (i.e., 280 vs 130 documents published), with both TIA and 3GPP2 specs, over 1,000 docs –average TIA development interval cut from 300 days to 190 days, start to finish –accomplished with 3.5 less S/T personnel due to retirements and RIFs, a 30% budget reduction in 2002

5 Emerging Issues  Homeland Security Standards  CALEA  IPR in Standards Development  SDO litigation  Industry Priorities  Priority of standards program if further TIA cuts necessary

6 Homeland Security  Homeland Security Standards –ANSI Homeland Security Standards Panel (ANSI HSSP) support, TIA is Co Chair –TIA is Sector Coordinator for Information and Communications Sector, on the Board of the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security (PCIS), and involved with National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) and it working groups –Needs of First Responders –Participated in ATIS Security Summit –Funding for Project 25 procurements –Priority Access Standards –NSTAC, NIAC, and NRIC initiatives (Federal Advisory Committees) –International Cooperation

7 ANSI Homeland Security Standards Panel (HSSP) –Response to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs Original 8 Sectors (Presidential Decision Directive 63) now increased to 13 Sectors or Key Asset Areas –Support to DHS and Cross-sector focus on needs and mapping to SDOs both within and outside of ANSI –Database of needs and existing/new standards –International outreach –State and Locals not standards-focused yet, HSSP a portal to standards information –HSSP Interim Steering Committee formed and held its first meeting, first full Panel meeting in June 2003

8 CALEA  TIA is lead SDO in Joint Work with Committee T1  J-STD-025B in work in TR-45 for packet technology inclusion  SCD/TR-34 Satellite CALEA review  Related to Homeland Security  Can be expensive to resource  FBI has been again been difficult to work with  Issues related to VoIP area of focus  International law enforcement cooperation emerging

9 IPR in Standards Development  Continuing discussions in ITU-T over copyrighted software used in standards  Copyright erosion in Veeck case, consideration pending before Supreme Court  Copyright protection by licensing and doc-lock technology is hot area, Digital Rights Management for standards  Trademarks in Standards is hot topic, commercial Trademarks vs. Trademarks of SDOs or other non-profits  Patented technology in standards; “related” patents vs “essential” patents; Rambus cases; FTC/DOJ hearings; TIA IPR WG is active.  TIA to chair GSC IPR WG at GSC

10 SDO Litigation Issue  SDOs continue to be concerned about litigation given some recent cases  ANSI Task Force recommended some specific steps including possible legislative relief  There are specific “best practices”  Associations and SDOs are suing insurance companies to force indemnification or for defense costs  Insurance exemptions or lack of coverage are also a problem  Standards Disclaimers being used more

11 TIA Priorities  With decreased resources both within industry and available to TIA and other groups need to prioritize what gets funding  We have seen a decrease in number of subject matter experts at meetings yet organizational level involvement stays flat  Demand for more standards and faster in spite of resource constraints

12 Priority of Standards Work at TIA  In the past, TIA standards program was ranked #1 priority at TIA (Board and Membership Surveys)  At recent TIA Board meeting, standards still ranked as core strength of TIA and will get resources at current levels.  Board continues to support specific partnership programs like 3GPP2 and MESA.

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