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Kingdom Animalia: Porifera & Cnidaria

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1 Kingdom Animalia: Porifera & Cnidaria
Unit 6 – Lecture 7

2 Kingdom Animalia Animals Are: eukaryotic multicellular
sexually reproducing mostly some have asexual reproduction

3 Kingdom Animalia Animals Have: have no cell wall have specalized cells

4 Kingdom Animalia Animals Have: most have tissues
tissue – groups of specilized cells that work together as a single unit. examples: heart, lung, skin…etc organs are made of tissues

5 Symmetry Asymmetry non-symmetrical most are sessile
sessile – non-moving ex: sponges

6 Symmetry Radial Symmetry symmetrical from the center out develops from
2 layers of cells 2 OR 3 layers of tissues ex: starfish, jellyfish, etc.

7 Symmetry Bilateral Symmetry bi = two, lateral = refers to side
symmetrical along a median line develops from 3 layers of tissues ex: most commonly chordates

8 Phylum Porifera ex: sponges, aka pore-bearers
asymmetrical [or radial] – sessile 2 layers of cells – no tissues no body cavity

9 Phylum Porifera get nutrients thorugh filter feeding

10 Phylum Porifera reproduces sexually with gametes
asexually using gemmules [like budding] asexually using fragmentation respires through diffusion

11 Phylum Cnidaria jellyfish, hydras, anemone, coral…etc
aka stinging-celled organisms Cnidarians Have: radial symmetry 2 layers of tissues simple nervous system senses chemical “smells” & touch

12 Phylum Cnidaria Cnidarians Have: 2 body forms

13 Phylum Cnidaria ingestion using tentacles
nematocysts – small, harpoon-like stinging cells inside of cnidocytes

14 Phylum Cnidaria Cnidarians Have: digestion using gastrovascular cavity
gastro = stomach gastrovascular cavity – singular cavity which includes digestion and respiration

15 Phylum Cnidaria reproduce sexually with gametes
asexually using budding immortal jellyfish?? respires using diffusion

16 HW: Finish Porifera/Cnidaria pages for tomorrow
read the Cnidaria worksheet

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