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The Stonehenge By: Patric Pelli.

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1 The Stonehenge By: Patric Pelli

2 About The Stonehenge The Stonehenge is in Britain. The stones have been standing for about 4,000 years. The Stonehenge is a national icon for Britain. It is on The Salisbury Plain, which is west of the town Amesbury.

3 Who Built The Stonehenge?
There are many theories who built the Stonehenge, but the most likely theory is that the Druids built it. (The Druids were were from England and had many odd life styles.)

4 What It Was Used For Whoever built it used it for astronomy, solstices, and eclipses. Some theories even say it was used for religion.

5 More Facts! Stonehenge means ‘The Hanging Stones.’ Some people think The Stonehenge is the biggest mystery in the world so far. There are some blue stones at The Stonehenge. The people who built The Stonehenge didn’t leave many clues for archeologists.

6 How Much Do The Stones Weigh?
The stones at The Stonehenge are about tons.

7 Tourists About 100,000 tourists visit The Stonehenge every year.

8 This is not me! I am not a nerd!
My Opinion I think it is a wonder because it has been around for a long time and it is very beautiful. This is not me! I am not a nerd!

9 How The Stonehenge Came To Be
A man named Gordon Pipes had a theory that 700 men dragged one stone one mile, then slept a little bit, then dragged some more.

10 Why Is The Stonehenge Unique?
The Stonehenge is unique because it is one of the oldest wonders of the world. It is also unique because it was used for many different things. The Stonehenge is #1!!! #1

11 THE END! BYE! Thank you to Wikipedia. com, Cool Facts for Kids. com, Britannia History. com, and Earth Mysteries. com.

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