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The Great War Chapter 29.

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1 The Great War Chapter 29

2 I. Road to World War Nationalism
Positive effect = unity within a country Negative effect = competition with other nations Europe’s Great Powers- France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, Russia, and Italy were rivals

3 Imperialism The competition for over-seas colonies led to mistrust and competition and near war Militarism- the policy of having a large, strong army that was prepared for war by being able to quickly mobilized European Arms Race- belief that to be truly great you had to have a large military Made citizens feel patriotic and foreigners frightened

4 Alliances Designed to help keep peace in Europe, but would push everyone into war Triple Alliance (Bismarck)= Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy (Goal to unify against future French aggression) They also signed a treaty with Russia

5 II. Kaiser Wilhelm II Built a strong German army;
forced Bismarck to resign Allowed the treaty with Russia to lapse. Russia aligned with France out of fear wanted a powerful navy (better than Britain's) Britain aligned through an agreement (entente) with France in 1907 that they would not fight each other, then signed one with Russia

6 Two Sets of Alliances Triple Alliance Germany Austria-Hungary Italy
Triple Entente England France Russia Some of these had additional alliances with other nations that eventually bound them together…Example: Russia with Serbia

7 The Balkans Eastern Europe; former parts of the Ottoman Empire that had gained independence Problem- Slavic people were spread throughout the region Serbians sought to join all Slavic people into one nation (Russia supported) Austria-Hungary held lots of land made of Slavs and Serbia wanted it!!! Both vowed to fight if necessary!

8 The shot…. Serbians in Bosnia wanted the Austro-Hungarians out
June 28, Heir to the throne (Archduke Franz Ferdinand) and his wife visited the capital A 19 year old, Serbian member of the Black Hand group shot & killed them

9 Austria blamed Serbia & sent them demands to avoid war
Serbia accepted most, but Austria-Hungary still declared war Because of their alliance, Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary

10 Chapter 29 Sections 3 & 4 A Global Conflict

11 Review from Yesterday Causes Sides Militarism Alliance System
Nationalism Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Sides Allies: Great Britain, France, Russia Central Powers: Austria-Hungary, Germany

12 How WWI Affected the World
During the middle of the war things really started to slow down (stalemate) Those major countries (who had been fighting from the beginning) were looking for other countries to join in the fight to tip the balances. The war spread from Europe Gallipoli Campaign – a fight in the Dardanelles Battles in Asia and Africa America joins the fight

13 America enters WWI When – 1917 Why –
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Definition: sinking all ships in the Atlantic w/o warning the ships. Lusitainia and the Sussex Zimmerman Note Telegram being sent by the Germans to the Mexicans that was intercepted by the British Contents: If you attack America, we will help you get territory Results – Tips the balance of the war

14 How WWI Affected those left at Home
Because this conflict involved so many countries and lasted so much longer than it was first thought a new mentality was used on the home-front: Total War Total War: when a country devotes ALL of its resources to winning the war Factories made war supplies, not consumer items All people became employed at something Rationing – buy and use only small amounts of the certain items “Meatless Mondays” / “Wheatless Wednesdays”

15 World War I Concludes The War began to draw to a close
Why USA joined the fight (Remember – tipped the scales) Russia jumped out of WW I early Russian Revolution (1917) MASSIVE loss of life Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Communism takes control German people were tired of fighting Ending Date – November 1918

16 Stats of WWI

17 Treaty of Versailles: A Flawed Peace
A peace conference was set to take place in Versailles France (not far from Paris) There were 4 major countries who were involved in this meeting: Woodrow Wilson, USA David Lloyd George, Great Britain Georges Clemenceau, France Vittorio Orlando, Italy

18 Treaty of Versailles: A Flawed Peace
Major Provisions League of Nations – peace organization, Germany excluded Territorial Losses – Germany loses all of its overseas territories, and land gained during the war Military Restrictions – Germany was limited in the size of army, navy, and air forces that they could maintain. War Guilt – Germany had to assume TOTAL guilt for causing the war, and was forced to pay $33 billion in war debt over the next 30 years.* (*Hitler would refer to this when he gained power in the coming years)

19 Propaganda: Information spread To advance a cause Or to damage an Opponent’s cause.


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