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Knowledge Management Marleen Steele Training Manager PennDOT.

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1 Knowledge Management Marleen Steele Training Manager PennDOT

2 Knowledge Loss at PENNDOT Attrition Memory Loss Change –Management –Organization –Environment Consultants

3 What is KM? Information in action Intellectual capital High-value form of information that is ready to apply to decisions and actions Getting the right information to the right person at the right time

4 How Is KM Developed at PennDOT Communities of Practice Site designed for the Community Infomediary People and information are connected Explicit and Tacit Knowledge are available

5 A Knowledge Management Model

6 Growing KM 3 pilots –Equipment Community –Line Painting (Agility Collaboration) –Institutional Memory

7 The Equipment Community

8 The Pilot for Equipment Managers Find, understand, share and use knowledge to create value (to the equipment managers, mechanics, and mechanic supervisors) Improve communications

9 Why Equipment Managers? Culture for sharing knowledge People who are supportive Computer skills Important that the first initiative include success stories

10 Committee Responsibilities Identify information Verify easy Access Provide SMEs Include others as needed Work on challenges

11 Equipment Community Expertise Finder Chats/Bulletin Boards Tips, Tricks, Innovations FAQs Safety Items Technical Resources Calendar/Events Ebay for PENNDOT

12 Intranet Site

13 Rewards Leverage PCs – particularly in the garages Perceived as leading edge

14 Line Painting Agility Collaboration

15 Agile Collaboratory Technology People Process

16 Line Painting Community Chats/Bulletin Boards Tips, Tricks, Innovations FAQs Safety Items Technical Resources Calendar/Events Equipment Inventory




20 Rewards Increase Productivity Access to Best Practices Communication Repository for the project, including contractor information

21 Institutional Memory Storytelling Pilot

22 Our Story PennDOT has an aging workforce. How will we capture the knowledge and experience of this workforce before they leave their present positions?

23 Foremen – an Endangered Species As of January 2001, who is eligible for retirement: 58% of highway foremen 3s 30% of highway foremen 2s 50% of the Foremen 1

24 The Concept Foreman Bill Fayette County $48,000 to pave the road 18 wheeler with metal plates No permit

25 The Story continues Foreman Ron Driver ran the flaggers stop sign, coming into the work zone License plate, description State police issued citation

26 Application Stories available for the training of Foremen

27 Other Projects Knowledge Capture in our Research Area. Used to determine if position should be filled. A booklet based on a work done by New York on KM A Commonwealth intra-net website with KM subject.

28 Its Not Perfect Internet or Intranet Equipment Accessibility S-L-O-W Speeds Computer Skills Pictures slow it down Resources Keep it Simple!

29 Other obstacles Change in Administration Loss of over 2000 people in the last 2 years Loss of champions

30 Now What? Research report to help us decide what to do next? Meeting with executive staff this month. Included on our long-term planning project.

31 Marleen Steele 717.346-9510 Training Manager Bureau of Driver and Vehicle Program Services 1101 South Front St Harrisburg PA 17104

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