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Stuart Davis American Painter,

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1 Stuart Davis American Painter, 1894-1964
Hot Still-Scape for Six Colors - 7th Avenue Style, 1940. By Adrianna Thomas

2 BIOGRAPHY Born in Philadelphia, Penn.
His mother was a sculptor & his father was an art editor for a newspaper. He became a Modern Artist Anchor, 1935

3 Early Work

4 Famous for his Hard-edge paintings
and abstract still lifes and landscapes. Barbershop Chord, 1931

5 His work shows the environment of American life rearranged into flat poster-like patterns with precise outlines and sharply contrasting colors. Memo, 1956 Combination Concrete

6 "I paint what I see in America, in other words I paint the American scene." Stuart Davis.
Abstraction, 1937

7 New York Waterfront, Oil on Canvas, 1938

8 Later Work Painted pure abstract patterns, often used lettering, suggestions of advertisements. Owh! in San Pao, 1951 Blips and Ifs,

9 The Mellow Pad,

10 Colonial Cubism, Oil on Canvas, 1954

11 Ready to Wear, 1955 Rapt at Rappaport’s, 1952

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