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A Picture is worth a Thousand Words The Persuasive Power of Photography The Persuasive Power of Photography.

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2 A Picture is worth a Thousand Words The Persuasive Power of Photography The Persuasive Power of Photography

3 The Invention of Photography The basic chemistry –Johanne Schultze - light-sensitive materials –Carl Scheele - fixing the image First Photographs –Joseph Niepce- permanent image using an emulsion –Louis Daugerre - direct-positive image on metal –William Henry Fox Talbot - paper negative, allowed multiple images –Fredrick Archer -glass negative, multiple images with sharper detail

4 Camera Obscuro From Greek meaning dark chamber

5 Calotype Prints William Henry Fox Talbot Calotype paper negative Paper print (positive) form calotype negative

6 One of the earliest photographs using an emulsion. Joseph Neipce From Laboratory to Art

7 Daguerreotype a direct-positive process using an emulsion on a metal plate LouisDaguerre From Laboratory to Art

8 Naturalists –Nature recorded without changing it (Realism) Pictorialists –Photographs should look like paintings (Emotionalism)

9 Phillip Henry Delamotte Naturalists

10 Pictorialists Oscar J. Rejlander

11 Bringing distant lands home Carte dvisite - (postcards) Photo Journalists –War Photographers Matthew BradyTimothy Sullivan Robert CapaLarry Burrows Carl MydansW. Eugene Smith –Life Magazine Photographers Margaret Bourke-WhiteJacob Riis Alfred EisenstaedtLewis Hine

12 Carte dvisite - (postcards) souvenirs of visits to far away places Carte dvisite

13 Artists Photographers Alfred StieglitzEdward Weston James Van Der ZeeEdward Steicen Gordon ParksAnsel Adams Arnold NewmanAnnie Liebowitz Paul StrandDianne Arbus Imogen Cunningham From Laboratory to Art

14 Memory Makers Timeline –Earliest photographs appeared around 1839 Events throughout history

15 Photojournalism Timothy OSullivan - 1864

16 Matthew Brady - 1864 Photojournalism

17 The Golden Spike used to connect rail lines from East and West at Promontory Point, Utah, 1869 Andrew J. Russell Photojournalism

18 Lewis Hine Immigrants at Ellis Island -1908 Photojournalism

19 Margaret Bourke-White First issue of Life Magazine - 1936

20 Hindenburg Disaster May 6, 1937 Sam Shere Photojournalism

21 Walker Evans Federally-funded Work Program

22 The Liberation of Buchenwald - 1945 Photojournalism Margaret Bourke-White

23 Joe Rosenthal Raising the Flag at Mt. Suribachi - Iwo Jima February 23, 1945 Photojournalism

24 Dorothea Lange Migrant Mother - March, 1936

25 Alfred Eisentstaedt Photojournalism V-J Day in Time Square August 14, 1945

26 Edward Weston Photography as Art Pepper - 1930

27 Ansel Adams Moon and Halfdome - Yosemite Valley Photography as Art

28 Alfred Steiglitz Photography as Art Sun Rays - Paula - Berlin 1889 Georgia OKeeffe - 1918

29 Alfred Steiglitz Photography as Art Georgia OKeeffe: A Portrait - Hands and Grapes - 1921 Grapes on White Dish - Dark Rim - 1920 Georgia OKeeffe

30 Alfred Steiglitz Photography as Art Georgia OKeeffe: A Portrait - Neck - 1921 The Dark Iris No. II - 1926 Georgia OKeeffe

31 Gordon Parks Photography as Art American Gothic

32 Photography as Art James Van Der Zee

33 Photography as Art Arnold Newman Igor Stravinsky

34 W. Eugene Smith Into the Light Photography as Art

35 Innovations Tools & Techniques –Kodak camera –Leica 35 mm camera –Leica and others 35 mm electronic camera –Ektachrome color slide film –Kodachrome color slide film –Kodacolor color print film

36 Kodak Brownie Camera First mass produced camera available to the general public.

37 Leica The first 35mm electronic camera Small format film Electronic Shutter Quality Optical Lens

38 First Color Slide Film Kodak Ektachrome

39 Image Makers Famous faces

40 Marilyn Monroe 1954 Matthew Zimmerman Image Makers

41 Pablo Picasso Image Makers Arnold Newman

42 Edward Steicen Gloria Swanson Image Makers

43 The Kennedy Family

44 Annie Liebowitz The Blues Brothers Woopie Goldberg Bruce Springsteen Image Makers

45 Memories You Cant Forget

46 The Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald - 1963 Robert Jackson Photojournalism

47 A young woman deformed by Mercury Pollution Japan - 1971 W. Eugene Smith Photojournalism

48 From Laboratory to Art Montgomery Civil Rights Demonstration

49 From Laboratory to Art M.L. Kings I Have A Dream speech March on Washington - 1968

50 The Assassination of Robert Kennedy - 1968 Bill Eppridge Photojournalism

51 Children fleeing an American Napalm strike - 1972 Huynh Cong Nick Ut Photojournalism

52 Viewing Ourselves William Anders - 1968 Apollo 8

53 Photojournalism Age of Revolution Fall of The Berlin Wall -1989 Farewell to Lenin - Bucharest, 1990 Alfred Alexandra Avakian

54 Fireman and child in Oklahoma City - 1995 Charles H. Porter IV Photojournalism

55 Photography Today Where we stand now How the past influenced the present

56 Whats Next ? New Technology and Photographic Processes Ethical issues Whats in the Future

57 Edward Muybridge Zoophraxiscope - showing horse galloping - 1881 Innovations

58 Strobe Flash Photography - 1939 Harold Edgerton Technology

59 Jerry Ulesman Manipulated Images combining traditional images in the darkroom

60 Innovations David Hockney Pearblossom Highway - Photocollage- 1986

61 Innovations Robert Silver Photomosaic of Lincoln using Matthew Brady Images

62 O.J. Simpson L.A. Police Mug shotTime Magazine Cover Photo Illustration by Matt Mahurin Image Makers

63 Who knows what some people might do! Image Makers

64 To be continued...

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