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Architecture Frank Gehry.

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1 Architecture Frank Gehry

2 Is an Architect who designs buildings.
Frank Gehry Is an Architect who designs buildings.

3 Biography Frank Gehry was born in 1929 in Toronto, Canada to a Jewish family. When he was 17 he moved to California where he went to college. He even went back to school to study Design at Harvard University.

4 He became famous in the 1970s for creating his style of furniture
Frank Gehry He became famous in the 1970s for creating his style of furniture

5 Frank Gehry Now he’s famous for his architecture.
People say his architecture look more like sculptures than buildings

6 Frank Gehry He’s so famous that he was even in “The Simpson's” and “Arthur”, where he played himself.

7 Frank Gehry When he gets an idea, he sketches it
Can you guess what this will look like?

8 Walt Disney Concert Hall
Ta Da! Walt Disney Concert Hall

9 Frank Gehry He does know how to draw; that was just a gesture thumbnail. This is more like what architectural designs look like

10 Making a Building Most times, the architect or another artist adds details to make a full drawing to show what it would look like within the environment

11 Making a Building Some Architects use computer programs to make realistic images to see the finished product

12 Making a Building After the architect sketches the ideas and draw the architectural design, they make a model.

13 Finally, they start building
Making a Building Finally, they start building

14 Wait! What is Architecture?
It’s the art of designing buildings and the space around it.

15 Kinds of Architecture It can be houses, schools, museums, shopping malls, pyramids, and even castles

16 Can you guess what this famous architecture was for?
What in the World? Can you guess what this famous architecture was for?

17 Elements of Art Architecture has: Line Shape Form Space

18 Architecture has Lines
Line is a dot that moves from one point to another

19 Architecture has Lines
What kind of lines do you see here? The Guggenheim Museum in Balboa, Spain

20 Architecture has Shapes
Shape is a closed 2D area

21 Architecture has Form Form is a 3D closed area.

22 Architecture has Shapes
Check out these shapes

23 Architecture has Space
Space is the area around


25 Architecture drawings use:
Principles of Design Architecture drawings use: Emphasis Unity

26 Architecture uses Emphasis
Emphasis is the strongest area of the composition where all the attention goes Compare this architecture by I.M. Pei with Frank Gehry’s.


28 Architecture uses Unity
Unity is when a composition feels whole and belongs together.

29 Conclusion Architecture is a combination of science, math, and Art
Frank Gehry is one of the most important architects in the world He used the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design to create is sculptural Architecture

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