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The Winter Count By Randy Farley

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1 The Winter Count By Randy Farley
Native American Art The Winter Count By Randy Farley

2 Carnegie Winter Count

3 What was the winter count?
A series of pictures drawn on an animal hide. Each picture or symbol recorded an event or a happening in the life of the Native American tribes.

4 What is a Symbol? A picture that represents an event, place, action, person, or even a thing that you cannot physically see.


6 Day 1: The Symbols In your sketch book, use the Native American symbols to create a story. Draw those symbols in the correct order of your story. Remember we will be writing your story on a sheet of paper. You must have at least 6 symbols in your story.

7 Day 2: Making an Animal Skin
First, finish drawing the symbols for your story. Next, draw the shape shown on the board on the inside of your brown paper. Make sure you include a head, 4 legs and a tail. Ball up the paper (you must do at least 5 times). Tear the paper along the black line. Put your name and class code on it.

8 Day 3: Adding Symbols to Your Animal Skin
Decide whether you want a circular design or a linear design. Draw your symbols with a pencil in either a circle or a linear design. Create a border on your animal skin. Use big shapes Connect the four paws of your animal.

9 Day 4: Painting Use the black paint to outline your symbols.
Next, use the colors to paint in your border and open space in your symbols.

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