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III. Changes of State (p )

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1 III. Changes of State (p. 372 - 382)
Ch Liquids & Solids III. Changes of State (p )

2 A. Phase Changes Evaporation
molecules at the surface gain enough energy to overcome IMF Volatility measure of evaporation rate depends on temp & IMF

3 A. Phase Changes Equilibrium
trapped molecules reach a balance between evaporation & condensation

4 A. Phase Changes temp v.p. IMF v.p. Vapor Pressure
pressure of vapor above a liquid at equilibrium v.p. depends on temp & IMF directly related to volatility temp temp v.p. IMF v.p.

5 A. Phase Changes Patm b.p. IMF b.p. Boiling Point
temp at which v.p. of liquid equals external pressure depends on Patm & IMF Normal B.P. - b.p. at 1 atm Patm b.p. IMF b.p.

6 A. Phase Changes IMF m.p. Melting Point equal to freezing point
Which has a higher m.p.? polar or nonpolar? covalent or ionic? polar ionic

7 A. Phase Changes Sublimation solid  gas
v.p. of solid equals external pressure EX: dry ice, mothballs, solid air fresheners

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