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2 TARANIS GROUP AFRICA Taranis Group Africa is a privately held South African company. Taranis Group Africa can provide the trades, supervision or other personnel necessary to achieve the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to meet your projects requirements, drawing from a well-trained and highly qualified workforce with years of experience.

3 THE FOCUS To supply the market in Africa. Whether it’s complete mine management, building above-ground infrastructure, contract mining, underground excavations, civil tunneling, or construction services, Taranis Group Africa has the resources to support any project, regardless of size, scope, or location. To source and secure mining and industrial related opportunities for potential investors. Facilitate business relations and networking between ventures and partnerships, conducting due-dilligence on behalf of investors.

4 STRENGTHS Taranis Group Africa excels at working in some of the harshest and most remote environments anywhere. Fly-in and fly-out only sites where even the smallest of logistics, like getting people and materials to site, can be critical. Whether it is coal, base metals, longwall systems, board and pillar mining, or narrow vein open stoping, Taranis Group Africa has the skills you need. Access to technical expertise in related fields of the market Strategic Partnerships

5 CAPABILITIES Taranis Group Africa works is multiple fields within the mining industry, worldwide that can be grouped with its Four (4) core business units. 1. Taranis Mine Management (Engineering) 2. Taranis Machinery 3. Taranis Investments (Global) 4. Taranis Commodities

6 1. TARANIS MINE MANAGEMENT (ENGINEERING) This division of Taranis Group provides full mine management and support for clients in the global mining market.

7 2. TARANIS MACHINERY This division of Taranis Group designs and manufactures purpose built machinery for the mining industry including full underground and surface equipment.

8 3. TARANIS INVESTMENTS (GLOBAL) This division specializes in locating mineral resource brown field sites both within Australia and abroad, Developing to maturity for global mining companies whom want to concentrate on “Just Mining”.

9 4. TARANIS COMMODITIES This newly formed division of Taranis was born through The Taranis Group’s combined 300 years plus experience in the global mining industry and the multitude of strong relationships built through success over that period, Our customers have asked us to assist them is sourcing commodities globally to work along side existing supply contracts whether Coal, Gold, Silver, Magnesium or Iron Ore.

10 MINE ENGINEERING Taranis Engineering’s professionals have gained practical, technical and operating experience during previous employment at numerous mining operations in a variety of roles, with extensive experience in senior management positions. The majority of the Taranis Engineering senior personnel hold statutory qualifications in their field of expertise.

11 ENERGY MANAGEMENT African utilities and organizations are under constant pressure to promote energy conservation, advance renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse emissions. Taranis Group Africa helps energy providers and consumers alike, achieve these goals by providing staff support tools and equipment to energy improvement programs.

12 OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERS Taranis Group Africa’s highly technical expertise is backed by extensive marketing, Sales and distributor networks throughout Africa, and provide a broad range of capital projects, interests and opportunities. Strategic Partners: South Africa Namibia Botswana Angola Zambia Zimbabwe Mozambique Nigeria Tanzania Kenya Democratic Republic of Congo

13 THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Contact Taranis Group Africa


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