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District Record Keeping Or How to Keep the Department of State Happy and Ohio-Erie Exchanging Students.

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1 District Record Keeping Or How to Keep the Department of State Happy and Ohio-Erie Exchanging Students

2 Background DOS has imposed new requirements on exchange programs –Record keeping requirements –Background checks –Compliance audits Ohio-Erie must have access to certain records and produce them when asked

3 Possible Solutions Send all record to Ohio-Erie Responsible Officer (RO) Maintain records at the District level Maintain records at the Club level Do things as we always have

4 Ohio-Erie Maintains Records Districts send all paperwork to RO RO maintains files for each student RO doesnt issue DS-2019 until all paperwork is complete Large volume of files requires storage RO may need to receive a stipend Students may not get visas in time

5 District Maintain Records RO must trust each district to have proper files Time lag in getting files for audit or DOS Files can be lost or not properly maintained Ohio-Erie can be sanctioned by DOS for not following CFR 22 Part 62 No or reduced Inbound students

6 Club Maintains Records District has to trust clubs to have proper records Longer delays for record requests Greater possibility of improperly maintained records Again, DOS sanctions and possible loss of Inbound students

7 Do Things as We Always Have Records wont be kept Ohio-Erie wont get a clean audit DOS will sanction Ohio-Erie Ohio-Erie will lose ability to issue DS- 2019s No Ohio-Erie No Inbound or Outbound students

8 Recommendations Keep minimum records at Ohio-Erie level Keep most records at District level Keep duplicate records at Club level Establish a record keeping standard for Ohio-Erie for the Districts and Clubs to follow

9 District Record Keeping Each student has a file File contents to be standardized District decides who will maintain records Files are sent to Ohio-Erie when needed

10 Inbound Student File Student Application Host Family Applications Host Family Interview Checklist Club Certification Compliance Form Volunteer Applications Reference Checks All correspondence relating to the student Record of all training and background checks Counselor Monthly Log

11 Host Family Application Complete for each host family Student name & club name at top Copies are acceptable Accompanies completed GF from Club Additional host family applications are sent prior to the student moving


13 Host Family Interview Checklist Signed by both host parents and Club YEO Sent to district along with Host Family Application Provides evidence that we have followed procedures


15 Club Compliance Certification Form Completed each year for each hosting club Signed by YEO and Club president Required for RI certification


17 Volunteer Application One for each student volunteer is in contact with Copies acceptable Same application can be used for up to five years


19 Reference Checks Must be done for all host families and volunteers All persons over 18 must be checked Should accompany the relevant application


21 Inbound Student Checklist Place at the front of the student file Keeps track of required file contents Confirms required orientation and training were conducted Indicates dates that background checks were done


23 Counselor Monthly Log Added at the end of the exchange Verifies required DOS contact with the student and host family


25 Letter to Club YEO Ties everything up Outlines what needs to be done Includes all the forms the YE O will need



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