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Dr. Thomas Tomasi Associate Dean, Graduate College.

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1 Dr. Thomas Tomasi Associate Dean, Graduate College

2 (-14 weeks) Stop collection data/information (-14 weeks) Statistics, graphs & tables (software?) (-12 weeks) 1 st assembled draft to advisor (-10 weeks) 1 st assembled draft back from advisor (-9 weeks) 2 nd draft to advisor (-7 weeks) 2 nd draft back from advisor (-6 weeks) 3 rd draft to committee (-4 weeks) 3 rd draft back from committee (-3 weeks) “Defendable draft” to committee (-1 week) Oral presentation and/or oral defense (if required) April 23, 2012 Thesis Deadline for this semester (April 23, 2012)

3  Formatting details (“the bible”)  Set up as an example of format  Lists style guides  Preliminary pages (and start of body) are set up already  Student Checklist  Fall 2010 version  Supplemental instruction pages

4 Some Things are Prescribed  Format for preliminary pages, margins …..  Placement/font of headings, figure captions, table headings ……. Some Things are NOT Prescribed  Sections /“chapters” and wording used in headings ….  Method of reference citation……

5  For details not specified in the Thesis Guide, the appropriate style guide should be followed (MLA, APA, etc.)  When preparing a thesis that will be sent to a journal for publication, that journal’s format can serve as the “style guide”  In this case, a copy of an article from that journal published this year must be included with the thesis for review by the Graduate College

6 See a problem with this outline? Politics of the 19 th Century Democrats Strengths Problems Republicans Strengths Problems Independents Problems Economics of the 19 th Century Federal State Local Personal Conclusions References Primary Secondary Tertiary Outline = headings = Table of Contents

7  Table of Contents  Preliminary pages? [NO]  Subheadings  Indenting  Correct pages indicated  Conjugating a singular verb with “data”  Vague statement of IACUC/IRB approval  Approval number and date

8  Margins, margins & margins  Spacing within the document (more or less than double spaced)  Lines skipped between paragraphs instead of indenting 0.5”  Blank space at bottom of pages  New subheadings  Tables/figures  Page number location  ½” from bottom  landscape pages

9  Format/location & spacing of the headings & subheadings not following Thesis Guide  Wording of the headings not following your style guide or model journal  “References” & “Appendices” are primary headings  Only one of a subheading (“A”) but no (“B”)  Subheadings break up larger headings into smaller units  1-paragraph subheadings  A subheading is a group of related paragraphs

10  Not enough citations (they aren’t just for the ends of paragraphs)  Mismatch b/w citations & reference list  Reference style not in the format of your style guide or model journal  Citation style not in the format of your style guide or model journal (“and” or &; et al. or et al.)  Lack of consistency in citation  Order of citations w/in same parentheses

11  Tables/figures not placed correctly  In-text after mentioning it  On separate pages after mentioning  All at the end of thesis or section of thesis  Tables/figures not mentioned at all in text  Vertical and horizontal lines not correct in tables  Table/figure captions not in 12 pt font  Tables in an appendix are “appendices,” not tables  Captions above tables, but below figures


13  Start with “template”, delete rest of Thesis Guide, and paste INTO this  Don’t mentioning your project too soon (i.e., not before the end of the Introduction)  Hypothesis should be in the last Introduction paragraph  Overall project design should be early in the Methods section  Statistical analysis should be described in the last paragraph of the Methods

14  (plagiarism prevention)  Satisfy the chairperson and other members of your committee; they sign!  Review by the Graduate College  Review copy should have been prepared to meet all guidelines  Also submit digital copy of thesis  Also submit “checklist”  Submit journal article (if needed)

15  Some programs use regular grading; others use Pass/Not Pass  Thesis grades are not assigned until the final product is complete; since the enrollment often is over several semesters, a “Z” grade is assigned prior to completion

16  Make final corrections as indicated by Graduate College – make ONLY these changes  Deadline ??  Make copies on “good paper” for binding  Obtain all signatures on final copies  Submit to Graduate College:  Copies  $$$$  Digital file (upload on website???)  Change Z-grade form

17  Obtain when picking up the review copy from Graduate College  See your transcript and fill in form  Signature of advisor  Return to Graduate College with final copies of thesis for binding Make sure your advisor has completed & submitted the form for completion of your “comprehensive exam” (written + oral if both are used)


19  Comprehensive Exam Written Oral Form  “Application for Graduation” form  Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum

20 19 th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum April 14, 2012

21  How to Write an Abstract Tuesday, February 21, 2012 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. PSU 315 C  Presentation Pointers: Oral and Poster Presentation Success Thursday, March 29, 2011 from 3:30-4:45 p.m. PSU 315 C More Spring Workshops

22  Graduate College Website  Supplemental instruction pages  Academic Advisor / Program Director

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