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Making Reading Come to Life Presented by: Laura Hasselquist & Tami Slowiak Chippewa Falls Senior High School Chippewa Falls, WI 1.

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1 Making Reading Come to Life Presented by: Laura Hasselquist & Tami Slowiak Chippewa Falls Senior High School Chippewa Falls, WI 1

2 A little about us… Laura and Tami Chippewa Falls Unified School District Industry-based residential community Leinenkugels, Cray computer research, Darly pumping 5000+ students (k-12) 2/12/2014 2

3 Why reading is important to us District focus is on content reading 6-traits writing taught at all levels As a part of Response to Intervention (RtI) the middle school and high school teaches stems. What are other districts focusing on? 2/12/2014 3

4 What do we already know about reading in the content area? Incorporating strategies/activities while learning about reading in the content area 2/12/2014 4

5 Why we should all care 63% of projected job openings for 2018 will need at least some college education. Chronicle of Higher Education, 2010 ( ) American 15 year olds rank 14 th among developing nations in reading. Low literacy skills often lead to low level employment, remedial course work and increased drop out rates. Engineering Solutions to the National Crisis in Literacy: How to Make Good on the Promise of the Common Core State. Alliance for Excellent Education. Washington D.C. 2011 2/12/2014 5

6 Defining disciplinary literacy Wisconsins DPI definition: The confluence of content knowledge, experiences, and skills merged with the ability to read, write, listen, speak, think critically and perform in a way that is meaningful within the context of a given field. Wisconsins literacy linklink 2/12/2014 6

7 Three Keys to Increasing Reading Comprehension Frontloading Active Reading Summarizing 2/12/2014 7

8 Getting started Frontloading Presenting material to be read 2/12/2014 8

9 What is frontloading and why is it important? Frontloading – activating students thinking before reading. Allows students to draw on previous knowledge Provides a roadmap Helps ID key concepts for struggling readers ID vocabulary words 2/12/2014 9

10 Examples of frontloading K-W-L Alphabet brainstorming – well do this one Anticipation guide – Well try this one too! Anything that addresses vocabulary Stems/breaking the words apart Chapter tour Concept definition 2/12/2014 10

11 How do you read in your classroom? Example of frontloading activity Alphabet brainstorming – complete the activity by listing: What do you know about incorporating reading? What techniques/strategies are you familiar with? How do you use reading in your classroom? 3 minutes to brainstorm! 2/12/2014 11

12 ABC Brainstorming (D. Buehl, Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning, 3 rd ed., 2009 and ) ABC brainstorming from 2/12/2014 12

13 Anticipation Guides Complete created questions then read the first page of the article A Place for Content Literacy. Misulis, Katherine E.; The Science Teacher magazine, January 2011

14 How material is presented: what matters to the reader Fonts Size and type Paper Color – color or paper and font Type of finish Nearly ½ of learning disabled students suffer from light sensitivity (Johnson, L.; Teaching outside the box, how to grab your students by their brains; Jossey-Bass, 2011, 2 nd ed.) 2/12/2014 14

15 Active Reading Organizing information 2/12/2014 15

16 Active Reading Examples Coding in the margins – lets try this (using Supporting the Development of Reading in the CTE Classroom …A to do and not to do list) Venn Diagrams (include a summary at the bottom). Two column notes Graphic organizer foldables Vocabulary word mapword map Anything that makes students think about what they are reading See 2/12/2014 16

17 Summarizing 2/12/2014 17

18 Summarizing Activities The last 3 minutes before the bell rings…SUM IT UP! Go back to ABC frontloading activity and in a different color, add to your list using ideas you learned so far. Sum it up activitySum it up Lesson closure Exit cards Pictionary activity – no words! 3-2-1 out the door! 2/12/2014 18

19 Tying it all together Urban poaching article Graphic organizer that does it all Adapted from Buehls different perspectives graphic organizer. 2/12/2014 19

20 Before we go….. Complete an exit card: Commit to one strategy per key area (frontloading, active reading, summarizing) you will use when you return to the classroom. I will frontload by ______________ I will active read by _____________ I will summarize by ______________ 2/12/2014 20


22 Resources ). Buehl, D. (2009), Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning, 3 rd Ed. Science Literacy, Get Real. 02/Article/vignette2.aspx 02/Article/vignette2.aspx Middle School Portal, Reading strategies. trategies trategies Grant, M.C. and Fisher, D.; Reading and Writing in Science; Corwin Pres, Thousand Oaks, CA. 2010 ISBN: 9781412956147. (Anticipation guides and reading strategies. Science net links, science lessons. NSTA Science Lessons.. strategies for comprehension.. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Agricultural Literacy site. Zike, Dinah (1992), Big Book of Books and Activities: An Illustrated Guide for Teacher, Parents, and Anyone Who Works With Kids!, Dinah-Might Activities Inc. ISBN: 978-1882796076 How to make different foldables: 2/12/2014 22

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