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 street/ street/  Type text & download sign. (or use snipit)

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2  street/ street/  Type text & download sign. (or use snipit)

3   Create a logo or button that you could use on your web site, syllabus, poster, or assignment.

4  teacher-chalkboard-message- generator.htm teacher-chalkboard-message- generator.htm

5  Open Photoshop  File>open>choose a picture  Go to filter>choose an effect.  Either save your image or use the snipping tool to copy and paste it into this ppt  Paste a few SAMPLES HERE

6  Open Photoshop  File Open> Select a picture of your choice  Choose the text tool on the left.  Type something  Change the color, font, and shape. (options are in toolbar at the top.  Ctrl+T allows you to resize. Holding ctrl while resizing will allow you to distort the text.  Double clicking the layer of choosing fx on the bottom right will allow you to add a drop shadow  Paste pic here

7  Open photoshop  File new  Choose the brush tool on the left.  Change the type of brush.  Change to color.  Paint on the page. Using at least 4 different types of brushes.  Paste example here

8  There are a lot of ways to remove a background.  The eraser tool (takes longer, but is simple to use)  The quick select tool + adding a layer mask (more advanced, but quicker)  Choose the method you like the best.  Remove the background of the leaf file that is attached on my website.  Paste sample here

9  Using the skills we learned today, create a collage that could be used in your classroom.  Choose a topic (look in your standards)  Find images online (save them in a folder on your flash drive)  Open your images in photoshop.  Drag them onto a blank page.  Resize them.(Edit> free transform or ctr+T)  Move them (Move tool top left)  Add text to the page. (text tool)  Add effects to the images. (filter)  Save as a psd & submit in oncourse.  Snip pic and paste here.  4 pictures minimum required.

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