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© GEO Secretariat Virtual planning process which takes account of international users and their requirements from the outset of satellite.

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1 © GEO Secretariat Virtual planning process which takes account of international users and their requirements from the outset of satellite projects.. GEO WP 2007-09 general task AR-07-03 specific task DI-06-09 virtual constellation for risk Management

2 © GEO Secretariat Approach to define a Virtual Constellation Objective: The cross-cutting dimension, i.e. the need to define a range of intermediate and transversedata sets and products that are common inputs to all SBAs. Challenges to be overcome through GEO: Technical interoperability, data quality, -formats, -merging, -timely availability and compatibility, -access and dissemination, -storage The implementation of a GEO sharing principles resulting in principle in worldwide open access (i.e. Data sets could be available only to certain SBAs and/or to certain User).

3 © GEO Secretariat The approach to define the type and number of virtual constellations should enable the implementation of GEOSS requirements in the most flexible and effective way. Virtual constellations may therefore address : 1.Themes and associated Communities, like the CEOS proposed Ocean Surface Topography, Precipitation and Atmospheric Chemistry, Land imaging 2.Intermediate and final products, e.g. the Global Land Cover and DEMs, as proposed in the GEO Workplan, 3.Specific SBA, like what is proposed in the GEO WorkPlan for Risk Management, Weather, Climate, ….. etc. Virtual Constellation – development approach

4 © GEO Secretariat GEOSS conceptual architecture SatellitesIn situ, airborne Satellite Imagery (level 1) Sensor webs Sat derivedIn situ derived Integrated intermediate products Multi-user intermediate products Interoperable catalogues Observing Systems Data Mgmt System

5 © GEO Secretariat Expanding Virtual Constellation Concept The interim constellation is made of the current operational missions. The objective will be to define a set of constellation performances meeting users requirements, but compatible with each individual mission plan. Modifications and adaptations of the Ground Segments of each mission may be required and could be implemented. The medium term constellation will be made of the current operational missions + the missions under development. Modifications could be envisaged for what concerns product standards and formats, as well as observation plans and Ground Segment concept, architecture and data distribution approach, while it would be difficult to change major parameters such as orbit, instrument configuration, observation strategy, … etc. This will certainly increase the response to User Requirements The long-term constellation will have the majority of its components being designed against the full set of User Requirements and implemented in a coordinated way for all technical and operational aspects of the different missions.

6 © GEO Secretariat The CEOS Constellations 4 Prototype Land Surface Imaging –Lead: Bryan Bailey (USGS) Ocean Surface Topography –Lead: Stan Wilson (NOAA) & Francois Parisot (EUMETSAT) Atmospheric Composition –Lead: Ernie Hilsenrath (NASA) Precipitation –Lead: Riko Oki (JAXA) & Steve Neeck (NASA) Risk Management –Lead: Guy Seguin (CSA) & David Stevens (UNOOSA) + Future candidate for Constellations could address Ocean Colour

7 © GEO Secretariat Way forward in 2007 4 Prototypes Constellation Target of September 2007 for Study Reports Intensive study work Jan–Sep 2007 –Study Leads (and participants) require resources approved by their Principals to achieve the necessary rate of progress –Leads must drive the process in each case –Review in June 07 will assess progress and ensure any necessary course corrections to conclude the Reports

8 © GEO Secretariat Way forward in 2007 Risk Management Constellation The activities include close consultation with the Charter on Space and major disasters, in order to follow its evolution and identify its role within the progressive coverage of all the phases of the Risk Management Cycle. The task includes short term objectives, concerning the coordinated use of satellite systems that are existing or will be put in orbit within 2007. 2007 planning under development.

9 © GEO Secretariat GEODEM

10 © GEO Secretariat 90 m30 m Comparison courtesy of V. Gorokhovich, CIESIN The availability of a high resolution Digital Elevation Model DEM is of high relevance to all GEO SBAs. Where different DEMs are integrated/used they have to be interoperable.

11 © GEO Secretariat The GEO Tasks: DA-06-01 on GEO Data Sharing Principles (SRTM=Test scenario), DA-07-01 on Global Digital Elevation Models Interoperability and DI-06-07 on Multi-Hazard Zonation and Maps address the global availability of a high resolution Digital Elevation Model, which would be of high value for use in all SBAs. Such global DEM has been requested by the Community for a long time. Main challenges to be overcome are: Technical – resource requirements for processing and value adding (e.d. watersheds, geographical information) Political – strategic issues, release restrictions for security reasons Global Digital Elevation Model at high spatial resolution

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