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© GEO Secretariat GEOSS GEO Grid - SDCP- Scientific Officer, GEO secretariat.

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1 © GEO Secretariat GEOSS GEO Grid - SDCP- Scientific Officer, GEO secretariat

2 GEO Grid: Global Earth Observation Grid GEO: Group on Earth Observations GEOSS: Global Earth Observation System of Systems GEO Grid

3 © GEO Secretariatslide 3 Some 30% of our economy is tied to the environment Scientific understanding and ongoing knowledge of the Earth system is fundamental for well informed economic decision making Sustained Earth observations are critical Systems interoperability and open data access is fundamental A global approach to Earth observation is required GEOSS Imperative

4 © GEO Secretariat U.S. Department of State, Washington DC July 31, 2003 GEO, the Group on Earth Observations An Intergovernmental Organization with 86 Members and 61 Participating Organizations

5 © GEO Secretariat GEO was created through a series of Earth Observations Summits Washington Tokyo Brussels 2004 4 ( ) 2 GEOSS

6 Environment and Climate Change 2008 To respond to the growing demand for Earth observation data, we will accelerate efforts within the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), which builds on the work of UN specialized agencies and programs, in priority areas, inter alia, climate change and water resources management, by strengthening observation, prediction and data sharing. We also support capacity building for developing countries in earth observations and promote interoperability and linkage with other partners.

7 … to answer Societys need for informed decision making Coordinate and Sustain Observation Systems Provide Easier & More Open Data Access Foster Use through Science, Applications and Capacity Building GEOSS - Global Earth Observation System of Systems…

8 © GEO Secretariat

9 Represents a COLOSSAL investment by GEO Members & PO in EO systems Delivers major societal benefits to USERS, such as policy makers & citizens Enables GEOSS resources to be readily discovered and accessed Appropriate interoperability Trusted (QA) data & information "Open, in accordance with DSP ( )

10 © GEO Secretariat Led to Free and Open Access to the LANDSAT Archive (USGS - USA) Petabyte 1972

11 Highest Ranked Observations (#1-20) and Associated SBAs All of the 20 Highest- Ranked observations are common to 4 or more SBAs All of 30 Highest-Ranked observations are common to 3 or more SBAs * Biodiversity SBA Team did not produce a set of Earth observations priorities.

12 Global Land Cover maps in GEOSS FAO IGBP US(Boston Univ) The land cover maps does not suit mutually. Giri, C., Zhu, Z., and Reed, B., 2005. A comparative analysis of the Global Land Cover 2000 and MODIS land cover data sets, Remote Sensing of Environment 94, pp.123-132 McCallum, I., Obersteiner, M., Nilsson, S., and Shvidenko, A., 2006. A spatial comparison of four satellite derived 1 km global land cover datasets, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Which one is the best?

13 But, who does the ground-truth all over the world? I want to validate land cover maps For that purpose, Ground-Truth on a global scale, numerous, and spatially balanced validation data is needed

14 Degree Confluenc e Project Informati on might be useful! Degree Confluence Project

15 6000

16 What is Degree Confluence Project? The example of DCP EastSouth West North Courtesy DCP -visit the DCPoints (intersections of integer level latitude and longitude grid lines) -collect onsite data (photo and text base descriptions) from all the Degree Confluences in the world. - volunteer-based project



19 Paper accepted at the Journal of Geographic Information System


21 © GEO Secretariat List of AIST contribution to GEO

22 © GEO Secretariat Thank you!

23 © GEO Secretariat Registries, Clearinghouse and Portal Contributors register observation systems, data sets and services Users discover and exploit resources contributed to GEOSS

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