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Cases of JICA’s Assistance on Water Resources Management in Africa

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1 Cases of JICA’s Assistance on Water Resources Management in Africa
February 4, 2013 Katsuyoshi Sudo Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

2 Japanese ODA and JICA JICA
JICA is the implementing agency of Japanese bilateral ODA An agreement between governments of a recipient country and Japan, based on an official request through the diplomatic channel, is a prerequisite Japanese ODA and JICA FY 2012 Budget JICA Grant:161.6 bil.JPY (Around 70% is implemented by JICA) Grant Aid※ Bilateral Aid Technical Cooperation: bil. JPY (General Account Expenditure Budget) Technical Cooperation ODA (Official Development Assistance) Loan Aid (ODA loan) Bilateral Loan: bil. JPY (Loan and Investment Plan ) Multilateral Aid International Organizations ※Non-project Assistance and Emergency Grant Assistance remain with MOFA

3 Supporting AfWCCI: JICA’s Expectations
Positive Aspects Water Resources Management: one of the JICA’s priorities In line with the Japan’s initiative in GEOSS Appealing commitment in TIVAD V (5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development) Limitations Limited experience of working with regional institutions Formality of bilateral assistance (i.e. bilateral governmental agreement) Your suggestions are welcome!

4 What can JICA do to support AfWCCI?
Technical Cooperation that can include: dispatch of JICA experts training of recipient institutions’ officials either in Japan, in the third countries or locally supply of equipment financial assistance Common form of JICA’s Technical Cooperation for Water Resources Management (WRM) Formulation of a specific or comprehensive WRM plan with capacity development

5 JICA’s support to WRM: 3 cases
Formulation of a specific WRM plan Flood management plan in Medjerda River Basin, Tunisia Formulation of a comprehensive WRM plan National water resources master plan in Kenya Case 2 Formulation of a comprehensive WRM plan with more focus on capacity development National water resources management and development master in Nigeria Case 3 Another keyword: Incorporating Scientific Method

6 Flood Control Project for the Medjerda River Basin
Case 1: Tunisia Flood Control Project for the Medjerda River Basin 1. Background Increasing Flood events in the lower basin. (‘03, ‘04, ‘05, ’09 and ‘ No flood between ‘81 - ‘02. ) Tunis Tunisia 2. Objectives Determination of design flood discharge (10-year return period) Development of flood control measures (structural & non-structural) 3. Features Generation of spatiotemporal rainfall data from daily rain-gauge data Application of advanced hydrological model (WEB-DHM: Wang, Koike et al., 2009) Rain-gauge stations Spatially continuous hourly rainfall data Simulation results by: Interpolation of daily rainfall into hourly MIKE BASIN WEB-DHM Future rainfall estimation with GCM results also to be incorporated…

7 Introduction to cases 2 & 3
JICA has supported formulation of National Water Resources Master Plans Macedonia(1999) The study on integrated water resources development and management master plan Bulgaria(2008) The Study on Integrated Water Management Nigeria(1995 and 2011) The Study on the National Water Resources Master Plan Review and Update of the Nigeria National Water Resources Master Plan Vietnam(2003) The study on nationwide water resources development and management Philippines(1998) Master plan study on water resources management Malaysia(1982) National Water Resources Study Zambia(1995) The study on the national water resources master plan Kenya(2010) Development of the National Water Master Plan 2030 Kenya(1992) The study on national water master plan Cote d'Ivoire (2001) Master plan study on integrated water resources management 7

8 Introduction to cases 2 & 3
NWRMP: Building National Capacity on WRM from Field Observation to Strategy and Implementation JICA’s support to Capacity Development through elaboration of NWRMP Institutional Capacity on: Outputs Field Observation Baseline Information Strategies and plans based on actual and fundamental data Evaluation of Water Resources Potential Water Demand Projection Disaster Risk Assessment Strategy Formulation National WRM Strategy Planning Basin Management Plans Implementation, Operation and Maintenance National Water Resources Master Plan Monitoring and Evaluation

9 National WR Master Plan taking climate change into account
Case 2: Kenya National WR Master Plan taking climate change into account To assess and evaluate availability, reliability, quality, and vulnerability of country’s water resources up to 2050 and recommend sound development and management of WR 1. Projection of Future Rainfall Selection of General Circulation Models (GCMs) Bias Correction of GCM Outputs Evaluation of Uncertainty of Projected Future Climate Evaluation of Projected Future Climate of Kenya equal minus Evapotranspiration will increase by temperature increase Rainfall will increase Rainfall - Evapotranspiration Change of Annual Rainfall Change of Annual Potential Evap The changes in water resources availability (rainfall – evap.) are unevenly distributed. The western part of Kenya is expected to be more wetted, while the eastern part is anticipated to be drier. 2. Rainfall – Runoff Analysis Preparation of Rainfall-Runoff Model Estimation of Future Runoff Assessment of Climate Change Impact to Runoff (River Flow)

10 the Nigeria IWRM Commission (NIWRMC) in 2008
Case 3: Nigeria Capacity Development of a newly established IWRM institution through review and update of the National WR master plan Nigerian Government’s commitment for IWRM Establishment of the Nigeria IWRM Commission (NIWRMC) in 2008 JICA’s support Policy and Strategy on IWRM Formulation of Catchment Management Plans (CMPs) Development of Institutional Capacity ◆ CMPs for two Pilot Basins North Niger (trans-boundary basin along River Niger) West Littoral 10

11 Case 3: Nigeria Strengthening National Capacity
for Managing Baseline Information for WRM NIWRMC Establishment of Information Platform (incl. data analysis) Input River flow quantity Compiled data Results of data analysis such as present and future Runoff estimation Nigerian Hydrological Service Agency JICA’s Technical Assistance Groundwater level Nigerian Meteorological Agency Rainfall To be shared nationally and internationally River Basin Development Authority Water levels in rivers Infrastructure Development Plans by Line Ministries Improved Field Observation Trans-boundary WRM plans 11

12 for your kind attention.
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