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Report: GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) Co-ordination team (CT) Alan Edwards Transitional Co-chair (European Commission) On behalf of the GCI-CT 18 th.

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1 Report: GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) Co-ordination team (CT) Alan Edwards Transitional Co-chair (European Commission) On behalf of the GCI-CT 18 th Meeting of the GEO Executive Committee Geneva, Switzerland 22-23 March 2010 DRAFT v 0.3, date 17 Mar 2010

2 GCI-CT: Background 2009 GEO VI Plenary endorsed the GCI architecture recommended by the IOC TF. –single GEO Web Portal (GWP) and a single Clearinghouse (CH) GCI Coordination Team (GCI-CT) created to define the selection process and oversee the long-term operations of GCI. –GCI-CT Kick-off (Feb 23-24, 2010)

3 GCI-CT: recent Activities Weekly telecons since GEO Plenary Draft functional test procedures (Feb 18, 2010) GCI-CT Kick-off meeting (Feb 23-24, 2010) –Consolidation of Work Plan & Consolidated Requirements –Definition of Selection Process and Test Logic –Agreement of Weights on criteria –Draft Letter with criteria to GCI Providers Letter sent to GCI Providers (2 March 2010)

4 GCI-CT: recent Activities Meeting GCI-CT and Test Teams (INPE, JRC) (3 March 2010) –Optimization of test logic –Consolidation of Work Plan Assessment of Test Procedures by Test Teams (INPE, JRC) (8 March 2010)

5 GCI-CT: Deliverables to ExCom-18 GCI-CT Terms of Reference: ExCom Document 8 Recommendations for Long-Term Operations of the GCI: updated version of 5 March 2010 Action (Work) Plan: updated version of 5 March 2010 –Note, further update still needed to reflect the Test Phases and associated milestones dates. Consolidated Requirements – updated –Note, further update still needed to include a new requirement relative to the time notice (90 days) for a GCI Provider to inform GEO SEC in case of definitive cease of GCI operations.

6 GCI-CT: Terms of Reference Purpose The GCI-CT is to oversee the development, implementation, and operation of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure in support of the GEO.

7 GCI-CT: Terms of Reference Objectives: The GCI-CT is convened: to provide guidance on the sustained operation of the integrated GCI and its components in light of known and evolving requirements, whilst adhering to agreed architecture standards and principles; to provide recommendations including provisions for resource needs, when appropriate, addressing sustainability and transparency of GCI operations; to engage the GEO Members, PO and component providers in assuring sustained and scalable operations of the GCI to realise the full potential of GEOSS; to facilitate collection of sufficient resources of documented quality in the GCI.

8 GCI-CT: Terms of Reference Approach and Functions (abbreviated): GCI-CT reports to the Plenary and Executive Committee; The GCI-CT shall be composed of a balance of technical and non-technical representation; Tasking of specific research or investigations to sub- teams of experts will be made by the GCI-CT to address identified issues; GCI operations shall accommodate the voluntary nature of contributions and build on existing efforts, conforming to the Recommendations for Long-Term Operations of the GCI.

9 GCI-CT: Membership Transitional Co-Chairs (from the IOC-TF to the GCI-CT): –Ivan DeLoatch (USGS) –Alan (Ivan) Edwards (European Commission) –Ivan Petiteville (CEOS) Formal Co-Chairs: NONE at PRESENT Membership: Could the GEOSec kindly update this part of the slide to show the current membership of the GCI-CT?

10 GCI-CT: Action (Work) Plan Item 5 5.Operations oversight – Based on operational statistics and monitoring of GCI and GEOSS resources, identify and address operational issues and remedies from a policy and technical perspective. CT undertakes this activity as a primary function. –Operations teleconferences –Identification and registration of GEO resources –Systems policies

11 GCI-CT: Action (Work) Plan Item 1 1.Define criteria for qualification of components, and for Portal/Clearinghouse selection. Inform providers on criteria by March 2nd, 2010 and solicit response before March 15th, 2010.

12 Single versus multiple GWPs & CLs GWP1GWP2GWP3 CSR CL1CL2CL3 USER Current GCI configuration IOC phase 2008-2009 Single CL / multiple Web Portal GCI configuration operational phase 2010-2015 Single CL / single Web Portal GCI configuration operational phase 2010-2015 GWP1GWP2GWP3 CSR CL USER GWP CSR CL USER Endorsed by Plenary GCI-CT: Selection of a single CL & GWP

13 The GCI-CT has defined 6 criteria to select a single CL and single GWP which are aligned with the aim of ensuring the long-term operations for 2010-2015 and : –4 criteria to be met by all GCI Providers –2 additional criteria to be met by the Component and Service registry (CSR), CL and GWP (verification by tests)

14 GCI-CT: Selection criteria 1.The GCI component provider commits to providing the necessary level of resources, (financial – both "in-kind" and actual, personnel, etc.), that will enable the sustained operation, enhancement and maintenance of the GCI during the period 2010 – 2015; 2.The GCI component provider identifies the GEO Member or Participating Organisation "sponsoring" their operational engagement with GEO;

15 GCI-CT: Selection criteria 3.The GCI component provider agrees to accept, abide by and implement the requirements set out in the GCI Consolidated Requirements document; 4.The GCI component provider gives a guarantee that should it be obliged to cease its GCI support activities, a 3rd Party can fully take over the operation and maintenance of the corresponding GCI component(s), free from any restraints arising from software copyrights, IPR and with the availability of all necessary technical documentation;

16 GCI-CT: Selection criteria 5.A GCI capabilities evaluation is undertaken to verify the compliance of the GCI component with the Consolidated Requirements and a rating is provided for objective comparison of offerings where multiple offers are made; 6.A general usability assessment is conducted and offerings of GCI components are rated based on their subjective suitability for end-user needs.

17 GCI-CT: Selection criteria Criteria #Weight (in %) Short Description 110Financial support for 2010-2015 220"Sponsoring" letter 310Accept to implement the Consolidated Requirements 410No restriction on S/W (intellectual property rights, etc...) if transferred to Third Party 525Tests related to Consolidated Requirements 625Usability Testing Functional testing Usability testing = 50 %

18 GCI-CT: Action (Work) Plan Item 2 2.Verification Test Plan, specific tests are developed to evaluate Consolidated Requirements for each GCI component. –Update Consolidated Requirements Document Due March 1st, 2010; –Test development – Individual tests are developed and grouped into test scenarios for specific GCI components February 27, 2010; –Publish tests – Test suites for each GCI component type are published to the providers. March 11th, 2010.

19 GCI CP Selection Process: Testing Phases Testing aims at –Verifying the implementation of the CSR, CLs and GWPs against Consolidated Requirements functional testing –Involving the User Community to evaluate the Usability of the GCI through the use of the GWPs usability testing GCI Testing Teams –Brazil (INPE) and European Commission (JRC) volunteer to run the Functional Tests –US (EPA) volunteer to run the Usability Tests. Optimize the limited test resources by organizing the testing in two phases –Phase 1: functional test of CSR and 3 CLs identify a single CL for phase 2 reduce number of phase 2 tests by factor 3 –Phase 2: functional and usability test of 3 GWPs coupled to CL identified in phase 1

20 GCI-CT: Action Plan Item 3 GCI Component Testing Roadmap Responses to GEO SEC letter with criteria (15 Mar): Action: Providers Self-Testing by CSR, CL, GWP (15 to 20 Mar) Action: Providers Phase 1: CSR, CL testing (29 March to 13 Apr) Action: JRC & INPE Report of CSR, CL testing (20 Apr) Action: JRC and INPE CL to be selected for test phase 2 (27 April) Action: GCI CT GWP to reconfigure their systems (28 April to 6 May) Action: GWP Providers Phase 2: GWP testing with selected CL (7 to 17 May) Action: JRC and INPE Phase 2: GWP Usability testing with selected CL (7 to 17 May) Action: US EPA Reports of 1) GWP testing and 2) Usability testing (21 May) Action: 1) JRC and INPE, 2) US EPA Note: The version of the Action Plan submitted to EXCOM needs to be updated to reflect the revised schedule shown above.

21 GCI-CT: Conclusion Action (Work) Plan Item 4 4.GCI Component Provider Selection Process Based on the selection criteria and the results of the usability and the functional testing: –GCI-CT will prepare recommendations to approve the operation of single GCI components for each function. Due May 2010; –Finalize document to recommend the most-highly qualified provider solutions to Executive Committee. Due 31 May 2010.

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