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6 th GEO Capacity Building Committee Meeting TASK REPORT CB-07 01e Open Source Software João Soares INPE - BRAZIL.

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1 6 th GEO Capacity Building Committee Meeting TASK REPORT CB-07 01e Open Source Software João Soares INPE - BRAZIL

2 Background and Objetives Encourage the use of OSS across EO value chain Inventory of OS solutions within GEO Post the inventory into the Web Portal Encourage development of OSS solutions by building on existing efforts TerraLib and TerraView as starting GIS platforms (integrated Earth Observation and GIS data)

3 Empowering people with geo technologies The white-box model: People Learning by doing x learning by using Methods Translate concepts into working procedures Software Provide adequate support for data analysis and integration results = people + methods + software

4 Why TerraLib and TerraView? Technology has changed Previous generation of GIS Built on proprietary architectures Interface+function+database = monolithic system New generation of object-relational DBMS All data will be handled by a DBMS Standardized access methods (e.g. OpenGIS) Users can develop customized applications

5 Free and Open Source Software for Geo FOSS has established itself as a viable alternative to proprietary software Four fundamental freedoms: run, study, redistribute and improve the software Benefits: cost reduction, community, innovation, freedom, enjoyment,... FOSS for Geo include: Web mapping Desktop applications Geospatial libraries Interoperability

6 Different GIS architectures are needed Desktop GIS Single-user Emphasis in friendly interfaces and analysis functions Distributed GIS Multiple users Data sharing Emphasis in access and simultaneous control Web services Using the Internet to disseminate data and services Emphasis in usability and flexibility

7 TerraView GIS that allows the construction, visualization and analysis of a TerraLib database FOSS – LGPL It can be customized by Plugins

8 TerraLib A library to develop geographical applications Open Source Policy – LGPL Open Protocols Use DBMS Allows users to customize a solution

9 Applications built on TerraLib Cadastral Mapping Improving urban management of large Brazilian cities Public Health Spatial statistical tools for epidemiology and health services Social Exclusion Indicators of social exclusion in inner-city areas Tools to help decision makers to create public policies for social development Land-use change modeling Spatio-temporal models of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Emergency action planning Oil refineries and pipelines (Petrobras) Building partnership and networks for operating under an agreed agenda

10 Milestones achieved to date TerraLib programming tutorial in English - guides the user through general concepts of GeoInformation, spatial databases and the particularities of TerraLib. First experience of an e-learning course in TerraLib Programming carried on in the context of eduGI.LA project (Network for GI science education – Latin-America, funded by the European Commission under the ALFA program). Started the inventory of OS in GIS Establishement of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (INPE one of the sponsors). TerraView tutorial in English for basic use, providing a sample data set. Marlin visualization tools for CBERS users

11 Expected Milestones for 2008 Identify OSS solutions for use in GEO Building on existing inventories Develop TerraView and TerraLib training material, courses, tutorials and documentation for both programmers and end-users available (in English) and develop specialized training material for e-learning. TerraView Site in English Lauching of the TerraView and TerraLib version 3.2.0

12 Extent of participation Recommendations for additional participants Who could contribute to this task? ITC Very many others... Other issues: Coordination points with other GEO work plan tasks need to be improved Potential risks that may impede completion of task – inventory restricted to few aspects of EO Gaps that have been identified that need to be addressed independently – bring other dimensions of OSS Potential Contributions to the CB portal /GEO Portal – Links of OS with description, education tools from OS community members Expected products – OSS made available with e-learning and training materials Expected date of completion of task – go along GEO and GEOSS Expectations of task lead from CBC – increase participation

13 Final remarks Combining open source software with the technical workforce available in developing countries can enable technology transfer TerraLib and TerraView have INPEs support for a long term maintenance policy


15 Reception station Produt os DBMS Recent images Previous year deforestation PRODES Project Detection of new deforestation polygons Management rooms in serveral institutions Internet DETER

16 Spatial analysis LowHigh Locations Census Sectors Census districts Slide:Marcelo Nery

17 A Surveillance System for alert, control and intervention for Dengue Fever based in Eggtraps for Aedes spp SAUDAVEL: Epidemiologic Surveillance And Alert

18 Slide: FUNCATE Santos: urban planning and tax enforcement

19 GeoSan by Nexus Inc. GIS for the management of citys sanytary networks: water, sewage...

20 GIS for agriculture by ENALTA Inc.

21 TerraLib and TerraView community

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