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Extracts from GEO 2012-2015 Work Plan V0 To be reviewed over the Symposium (see Agenda)

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1 Extracts from GEO 2012-2015 Work Plan V0 To be reviewed over the Symposium (see Agenda)

2 SYNMAP – for carbon cycle modeling SYNMAP – a global synthesis product of existing global land cover maps to provide a targeted and improved land cover map for carbon cycle modelling purposes; here shown as life form assemblages (Source: M. Jung et al. 2006, Remote Sensing of Environment).

3 MODIS Collection 5 Land Cover (2001-2008) Source: M.Friedl, Boston University / NASA

4 GLOBCOVER (2005/6) Dataset release: September 2008

5 G LOB C OVER 2009 GlobCover 2009 – Final Meeting – 9 February 2011, JRC, Italy An initiative of: In cooperation with: The most recent and most detailed global land cover map 2009 MERIS data – map released Dec. 2010 Based on the Globcover pre-processing chain Demonstrates the ability to generate global products on-demand and systematically Available online for download 50 000 downloads

6 The land cover map for Russia based on MODIS 250 m data Sergey Bartalev - Russian Academy of Sciences - Space Research Institute TerraNorte RLC Map for 2010

7 DS-10 Global Land Cover Definition Prepare and improve access to, among Member and Participating Organization communities, global and regional information encompassing cross-cutting data sets such as land cover and land use information (Data Management Target) Increase operational monitoring of major ecosystems on land on an annual basis, including properties such as land cover type (Ecosystems Target) Improve collaboration and coordination on the use and applications of Earth observations for land cover mapping (Agriculture Target) Ensure the availability of all Essential Climate Variables needed by the WCRP, the IPCC and the UNFCCC (Climate Target)

8 Deliverables 1.A global moderate resolution land-cover monitoring system Priority Actions: –Produce global land-cover (<50m) continuous fields, types, and changes, together with annual and bi decadal maps and statistics –Improve the use of time-series products and validate moderate resolution and land-cover datasets such as GLOBCOVER and MODIS Leads: GOFC-GOLD, US, China, EC

9 Deliverables 2.Access to historical land-cover imagery and global high resolution coverage obtained through international acquisitions coordination. To be implemented in connection with IN-01 (GCI) and ID-01 (Data Sharing) Priority Actions: Support retrospective land cover mapping and change analyses Leads: Land Cover Leads

10 Deliverables 3. Essential Climate Variable (ECV) Priority Actions: Generation of ECVs at multiple resolutions Leads: GCOS, US …

11 Related 2009-2011 Tasks (non exhaustive) DA-09-03a) Global Land Cover US-09-02a) Socio-Economic Benefits of GEO and GEOSS (Geo-Wiki) New Proposals from the GEO Community Global Land Cover (USA, USGEO) Global Land Cover (China)

12 Re-organization of 2009-2011 Sub-tasks (i.e. which sub-tasks support the new Task) This is an expansion of the current GEO Global Land Cover Task (DA 09 03a) that focused on coarse resolution global land cover, improved land cover specifications, and capability building.…

13 Resources Available for Implementation (current status and in planning) US: Financial resources for development of global land cover products (~$1 million/year from USGS expected) with other contributions TBD, expanded access to comprehensive global 30m remotely sensed data.… China

14 Issues and Gaps Calibration/Validation Data Funding and funding continuity Flexibility of data sources and scales Activities moving from independent datasets to synergy products need to continue Datasets can be produced on continuous basis Comparative & operational accuracy assessments: –Synergy and best available datasets and information –Regional accuracy numbers –Error propagation and more user-relevant uncertainty analysis

15 Possible Measures to fill Gaps –international community consensus building –Support ongoing monitoring projects (data continuity) –Invest in better user interactions and data uptake

16 Open for Plenary Discussion Identify Synergies Improve Cross-Fertilization Identify Measures and Actions to Fill Gaps

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