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1 Helen Wood, GEO Secretariat Director Secretariat Transition Update.

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1 1 Helen Wood, GEO Secretariat Director Secretariat Transition Update

2 |2|2 Secretariat Transition Plan Details the transition of the ad hoc GEO Secretariat to the successor GEO Secretariat

3 |3|3 Secretariat Transition Elements 1.Office Relocation 2.Transition Staff Plan 3.Director Recruitment and Placement 4.Transition Costs and Funding

4 |4|4 Secretariat Office Relocation Continuity of existing operations in Washington (director, staff, equipment, website hosting, communications, etc.) until Geneva office is established fully established. Establishment of new operations in Geneva, including temporary relocation of some Washington office staff Support for GEO-I from Washington and Geneva

5 |5|5 Secretariat Transition Staff Director of Ad Hoc Secretariat continues until appointment of new Director Administrative staff including an Executive Officer, Transition Coordinator, and two additional support staff Work Plan Development staff of 4-5, including Work Plan Manager as leader, supported by external experts and internal staff

6 |6|6 Secretariat Staff : GEO Work Plan Team Guy Duchossois, Manager (ESA) Joan Fitzpatrick (United States) Yukio Haruyama (Japan) Antti Herlevi (Finland) Special Assistant to be hired pending availability of funds Due to level of workload, we have proposed addition of one seconded expert to the team, with additional occasional visiting experts seconded

7 |7|7 Secretariat Staff: Administrative Team Peter Colohan, Executive Officer (United States) Adam Steckel, Database Manager (United States) Natasha Brutsch, Administrative Assistant (GEO) Transition Coordination Officer to be hired pending availability of funds

8 |8|8 Secretariat Director Recruitment Co-Chairs appoint a recruitment panel Call to community for letters of interest Interviews conducted by recruitment panel and Co- Chairs if necessary Director selected WMO Secretary General appoints Director as WMO staff member

9 |9|9 Secretariat Director Recruitment GEO Co-Chairs authorized to recruit and select Director, and approve interim staff including secondments Should the selection process extend beyond GEO-I, the responsibility to select the Director would pass to the newly created Executive Committee (The GEO may actively choose this delay)

10 |10 Required Transition Funding Although much of the contributions are provided by secondments and other in-kind support, there is an urgent need for financial contributions Financial contributions from GEO Members and Participating Organizations are required to proceed with critical staffing

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