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GEO Digital Exchange Format (GEODE) BIIF Profile.

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1 GEO Digital Exchange Format (GEODE) BIIF Profile

2 Profiling the ISO/IEC Basic Image Interchange Format (BIIF) to facilitate Dataset Exchange within GEOSS in support of the Societal Benefit Areas

3 GEODE BIIF Profile: What? Why? How? When? ISO/IEC 12087-5:1998 defines a Basic Image Interchange Format (BIIF) for the communication of digital data between disparate systems BIIF provides for the creation of Profiles in support of various communities of interest, like the 9 Societal Benefit Areas of GEOSS BIIF is not just for imagery data… –Imagery –Symbols/Graphics –Text –Extensible to any type of data required by the source provider There are 3 Profiles of BIIF other than the BIIF Model Profile (BFMP)… –NITF – U.S. National Imagery Transmission Format –NSIF – NATO Secondary Image Format –OSDDEF – Open Skies Digital Data Exchange Format The SIF is proposing a new BIIF Profile, GEODE, to support data exchange within GEOSS

4 GEODE File Header Image Segments Graphic Segments Reserved Segments Text Segments Data Extension Segments Reserved Extension Segments Image Sub- header Image Data Field … … Image Sub- header Image Data Field Image Segment 001 Image Segment nnn GEODE BIIF Profile: What? Why? How? When?

5 (0,0)(0,C-1) (R-1,0)(R-1,C-1) (389,511) Common Coordinate System Complexity Level Boundary + Rows + Columns Location Offsets DLVLALVLRowColumn A. Border (Opaque Box) 001000 0000000000 B. Exploited Image0020010002500025 C. Annotation 19990000037500156 D. Annotation 29980000003000156 E. Instructions9970000037500008 F. Text Graphic 10030020008000100 G. Arrow 10040030001000065 H. Image Inset0050020008000400 I. Text Graphic 20060050002500032 J. Arrow 20070060006500070 K. Arrow 300800500070-0005 Text Graphic 1 Annotation 1 Annotation 2 Instructions Text Graphic 2 D F G E B C A K H I J

6 In the GEODE concept, data interchange between systems is organized in GEODE Files and is enabled by a cross-translation process Systems using internal data formats need only to translate to/ from one intermediate file format for data exchange GEODE BIIF Profile: What? Why? How? When? GEODE File Image(s) Graphic(s) Text GEODE File Image(s) Graphic(s) Text Comms Network Native 1 File Format Native 2 File Format Graphic Image Text Other Image Text Other Graphic SENDING RECEIVING continues

7 Additionally, the U.S. DoD, IC, and other Federal Agencies, the NATO Allies, and the Treaty on Open Skies parties, all use BIIF- profiled datasets –Use of these datasets, in support of Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations, would be facilitated by supporting BIIF in GEOSS –Defining a GEODE Profile would allow GEO ADC to control the addition of new data types and structures to the Profile to meet all of the GEOSS user-communitys needs Allows GEOSS to use these datasets while not being tied to their respective Registration Authorities GEODE BIIF Profile: What? Why? How? When? continued

8 The SIF is working on an initial draft of a GEODE BIIF Profile document (using the ISO/IEC 12087-5 pro forma template) –Once the draft is complete, socialize it within GEOSS (ADC, data users, data providers, etc.) and incorporate feedback –Consult with subject matter experts who have worked on registering the NSIF, NITF, and OSDDEF BIIF Profiles –Generate a small Test Data Set to act as a proof of concept for GEODE Submit Profile to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24 via an SC24 member nation or SC24 Liaison Organization –SC24 provides SME review and conducts an International Registration Ballot –Upon successful completion of Ballot, SC24 posts the new profile to the International Register continues GEODE BIIF Profile: What? Why? How? When?

9 Some additional information… Authors of a new profile of BIIF may opt to include existing BIIF profiles for use within their own community of interest, while still having their own specific profile The submission process is specific to a given SC24 member nations or organizations internal process to forward actions to JTC1; the purpose of the international registration ballot is to seek peer review for the proposed profile –For example, in the US, INCITS/H3 is the working group responsible for BIIF-related activities; any member of H3 can submit a profile, which the US then approves by internal ballot before sending to ISO Upon receipt, the SC24 Secretariat forwards a profile to the WG7 Convener for SME review; following the review and coordination with the submitter, the profile is sent out to the nations for international registration ballot –The current WG7 Convener is Dr. Yun Koo Chung of South Korea ( continued GEODE BIIF Profile: What? Why? How? When?

10 Totally Off-the-Cuff Schedule: SIF Draft GEODE Profile completion date of 02/28/10 Internal GEO ADC & interested parties review by 04/30/10 Identification of ISO member willing to submit profile 04/30/10 Submitting ISO Member internal decision to submit 05/31/10 Submit to ISO JTC1/SC24 and SME review by 07/31/10 Internal Registration Ballot by 08/31/10 Entry into BIIF Register by 09/30/10

11 Thank you!

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