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IP Telephony and Voice Over IP: A Technology Primer Chris Duncan McMillan Binch LLP Director of Information Technology LawNet - August 26, 2004.

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1 IP Telephony and Voice Over IP: A Technology Primer Chris Duncan McMillan Binch LLP Director of Information Technology LawNet - August 26, 2004

2 Overview McMillan Binch overview What is VoIP? Why do VoIP? Selling to firm/risk Cost/Cost savings Things to consider

3 Overview Network preparation Quality of service/security Preparation for purchase Cisco solution provides Success/Failures Demos (softphones/UM/CRM)

4 First Things First Let it be known that I am not a presenter, I am a techie Interrupt or ask questions at any time This is not a sales pitch

5 McMillan Binch Overview 155 Lawyers 475 total staff Single Toronto location Recently moved to Cisco IP solution replacing Rolm Model 50 9005 525 phones (7960 Series) Wifi 802.11a and 802.11g guest/private networks throughout firm Cisco CallManager with Unity Mail

6 What is VoIP? Email Collaboration Calendar Web Application Instant Messaging DATA Video Conferencing VIDEO Voice Messaging Telephone Services VOICE Audio Conferencing

7 What is VoIP? email Voice Messaging Collaboration Calendar Video Conferencing Web Application Audio Conferencing Instant Messaging Telephone Services

8 Why VoIP? Traditional PBX Pros Already in place No additional cost Provides dial tone Performs most required functions Stable, no risk Cons Development ceased Perception of old equipment Limited disaster recovery Limited new functions

9 Why VoIP? Hybrid Pros Already in place Add required functionality Add remote sites/mobility VoIP function for VoIP phones Cons Support two platforms Traditional/VoIP phones Possible limitations of switch

10 Why VoIP? VoIP Pros Full functionality More support options Toll cost savings Improved moves/adds/changes Less cabling Same network Cons Full UPG (cost) Same network New/Risk

11 Why VoIP for McMillan Binch? Support for existing product becoming difficult Ongoing costs and timing of moving existing equipment Limitations of current switch Unified messaging capabilities Required upgrade to existing voicemail hard drive

12 Why VoIP for McMillan Binch? Fiber runs in new space, not copper Could fully test new solution in new space Reduced cabling costs Cost of moving existing switch $185,107 CDN

13 Selling to the Firm/Risks Tough job, why should they spend huge dollars on risk? Dispel myths Understand potential cost/administration savings One network to support Mobility/Teleworker

14 Selling to the Firm/Risks Disaster recovery Security Include Management/Lawyers in process Document decision making process Block all public accessible ports (turning off switch)

15 Cost/Cost Savings Reduce management costs Toll bypass Simplified set up of remote locations Move/add/changes Lower cabling costs Equipment comparable to traditional PBX/phones

16 Cost/Cost Savings In house development Remove 1FL lines More support options/providers Mobility/Teleworker gains

17 Network Preparations One cable network Power Decisions Adapter In-line power adaptor In-line powered switches UPS

18 Network Preparations Workstation UPS Redundant switches/servers Possible generator power Copper line backup Power all ports if possible

19 Quality of Service/Security Needs of layer 3 network (sub networks) QOS software to set packet privileges Ensure proper IP address structure Echoing expectations Wide area link speeds Phone quality

20 Quality of Service/Security More secure than copper Can record own conversation

21 Preparation for Purchase Involve Management and Lawyers (provide options) RFI to vendors RFP to suppliers Document existing switch functions Document how new VoIP solution can provide functionality

22 Preparation for Purchase Ask vendor for options 3rd party development Upgradeability Proven technology Work in existing infrastructure? Wifi needs?

23 Preparation for Purchase Call recording Training

24 Preparation for Purchase Things to Consider Number of lines or phones Intercom needs Full duplex phones Soft keys Head set ready Inline power or powered (what about power failures?)

25 Preparation for Purchase Things to Consider Profile editing Work with wifi network Conference ad hoc and scheduled Cost recovery Time synchronization Vendor support

26 Preparation for Purchase Things to Consider Not running phones/software on PCs dependant on power

27 Cisco Solution Provides Multiple phone options Upgradeability Proven technology Technology leader Works with existing infrastructure XML development Power over ethernet

28 Cisco Solution Provides Wide area support Wifi integration Soft phones Unified messaging Mobility CRM integration

29 Cisco Solution Provides Disaster recovery options Conferencing Directory services 3rd party cost recovery Ease of use, minimal training Excellent quality phone

30 Cisco Solution Provides: Clustering Over the WAN CallManager cluster across sites Applications can be centralized or distributed Single Point of Administration, Extension Mobility Feature Transparency and Unified Dial Plan Hardware, database and application resiliency Dial plans and routing maximize PSTN connectivity and minimize toll charged – internal and external Voice Mail Server Voice Mail Server IP Phones SpaceSpace Toronto Phoenix CallManager cluster

31 Data Traffic Toronto Phoenix Router IP WAN PSTN ISDN Backup Voice Traffic Head Office Branch Call Control Traffic Cisco Solution Providers Cisco IP phones automatically reconfigure Retain all basic features (DID, DOD, Call Hold, Transfer, Speed Dial, Caller ID, Call Forward). All calls now routed out local gateway Automatically re-homes to CallManager when WAN link returns CallManager Cluster

32 Cisco Solution Provides: Directory Services Corporate Directory Missed, placed, received calls Client, personal Directory Fast Dials 411 Billing and Client codes

33 Cisco Solution Provides: Cisco Conference Connection Audio conference server with web- based scheduler Removed high costs of conferencing and collaboration Supports up to 100 ports Email internal and external attendees

34 Cisco Solution Provides: Phone Configuration – 99 Fast Dials

35 Cisco Solution Provides: Phone Configuration – User Experience

36 Cisco Solution Provides: What can I do with Cisco phones? Instant Messaging Class Registration Room Service Flight Schedule Time Card Account Codes Inventory CheckInterest Rates Wake up CallHeadline News Outlook Integration Employee Benefits Employee Directory Emergency BulletinShipment Tracking AdvertisingPurchase RequisitionsConference Manager Unified MessagingLocal Attractions

37 Activate recording during the call Keeps entire call in cache Replay via web and email to colleagues Affordable, scales from 1 phone upwards Cisco Solution Provides

38 Successes/Failures Huge success, everyone likes phones/functions (comfort) Some concerns on settings, timeouts, cost recovery Echo needed to be tweaked Training almost not necessary Love soft keys and directories Love the Q.O.S. and clarity Response on keys almost too quick

39 Demos Unified Messaging Softphones CRM Integration

40 Questions


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