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Legal Portals With Microsoft SharePoint Doug Horton – Handshake Software Kalani Munden – Jackson Walker L.L.P. Teresa Grote - Consultant.

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1 Legal Portals With Microsoft SharePoint Doug Horton – Handshake Software Kalani Munden – Jackson Walker L.L.P. Teresa Grote - Consultant

2 Why SharePoint as a Legal Portal Asked many of our clients, the survey says Cost Cant fight Bill Gates Integrated platform with MS Office Ease of use Features/Functionality Performance/Scalability Cost

3 Microsoft Technologies Office Collaboration –SharePoint –Information Bridge Framework –Word, Excel, PowerPoint

4 Our Speakers today… Introducing – the SharePointer Sisters Kalani Munden – Director of Knowledge Management, Jackson Walker L.L.P. Teresa Grote – former CIO of Dinsmore & Shohl and President of Dinsnet. Here they are to tell you what they know because they actually know something

5 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Firm of 300 Lawyers 7 Offices CMS OPEN Hummingbird DM5 Custom Developed Applications CRM OneContact Records OpenFile Conflicts Workflow

6 Jackson Walker L.L.P. J2E and WebObjects Intranet on Sun OS One Mac developer + one programmer Missing flexibility to incorporate KM culture – difficult to extend views and administration Lack of search engine Looked at Plumtree, LawPort, and upgrading existing intranet

7 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Selected SharePoint because: –Teresa Grote made me?!?! –My CIO took me to Reno for a class? –Flexibility –MS Support –Non-programmer (a/k/a Kalani) could use –Built in Features –Complemented KM structure

8 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Features We Liked –Ability to Create and Categorize Areas for Communities of Interest (COI) –Search Capabilities –Personalization Features –Ability to Brand Themes and Templates –Sponsors Role Supported Out-of-Box –Ability to Create Extranet Sites Without a Programmer WSS v. SPS –SPS is Portal for Communication About a COI Areas represent COIs in the firm Currently 220 Areas in Main Portal (there are 5) –WSS is Site for Communication To a COI WSS Sites organize teams, extranets, projects, etc. Currently 464 Sites

9 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Concern about Content –Financial Data in CMS OPEN –Documents in Hummingbird –People in Contact Management –Other Information How to tie it together Concern about Programming requirements

10 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Our Process –Reviewed Alternatives –KM Committee Recommendations –After-the-Fact Studied SharePoint –Selected Handshake Software For Content Integration –Training on SPS and Handshake

11 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Our Approach –Can we say pure chaos? –Selected people to work on it – why me? –Built the proof of concept portal –Built WSS extranet sites to appease existing demand –Rolled out portal 6 months early due to XP conversion delay

12 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Where We Are At Now –5 Portals Delivering Content to 220 COIs –464 WSS Sites Organizing Teams It Just Works! Sponsor Program Works! But … Not Enough! Where Does Handshake Fit In? –How to Provide Sites Without Manually Creating 35,000+ Individual WSS Sites? –3 WSS Sites + Handshake Integration My Desktop Client Desktop Matter Desktop

13 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Screenshots deleted at the firms request Samples available from Handshake Software

14 Jackson Walker L.L.P. Lessons Learned –What we did right (by accident) Studied and Remedied Culture Defined Role of Sponsor First Base, Second Base, Third Base –What I would change (who wouldnt?) More IT Training More Resources –TA DA!!!!

15 Portal Technology changes the way you think Portal applications are horizontal, not vertical: The way we buy technology must change – the software client based pricing does not work A portal extends beyond the Web – Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint are also Portals Developers can no longer work in silos – there are multiple entry points to any application..Net makes this possible Identity Management is paramount, infrastructure (AD and other directories) must be a part of the plan

16 The Architecture Internal Structured Relationship External Structured Relationship Unstructured Relationship Financial SystemDocument Management System CRM HR System Handshake Software Integrated Web Service The Internet SharePoint Portal Services Office 2003 Inform. Bridge Framework Handshake Relationship Toolkit Company Contact Mailing List Benefits Client Employee Billing Lawyer Matter Author Doc Type Docs

17 Portal Example Expense Report Form Old world: A document in Word indexed in DM (secretary or Accounting) An ASP form on the Intranet (Web Developer) An Excel spreadsheet on individual drives or in DM (individual attorney, secretary or Accounting) Random Notes on a PDA (individual attorney)

18 Portal Example Expense Report Form New World Web Service to Time and Billing generated using Handshake Software (Accounting Report Writer) IBF used to query and verify accounting data in Infopath forms, Winforms and WebParts which deliver to Outlook, Excel and Word (.Net developer) PDAs can be integrated to applications allowing SharePoint Web Parts or Winforms to be used for entry (.Net Developer) IBF uses Time and Billing API to begin workflow to update accounting system (Accounting/.Net Developer)

19 Portal Example Expense Report Form Why the new world? –The old world requires at least 3 changes to forms and requires 3 different skill sets to do so. –This process slows down progress – upgrades to any of the packages must wait for all forms to be updated –In the new world web services control what is delivered to the portal. If T&B changes only one change is required (Handshake) –.Net Code for one portal can often be reused in others. By example, Web Parts code can sometimes be used in Sharepoint, Outlook and Word.

20 How our skills must change Data sources must be treated in a holistic manner. Report writer skills are necessary to build useable web services for data retrieval Web programmers should NOT control how data is treated Data Sources should be separated from the user interface – data changes should be invisible to the user

21 Typical Law Firm Report writers who understand SQL queries and the data Web programmers – ASP.Net some SQL VB/VBA programmers – sometimes a part of the training group HotDocs or other document automation personnel Tech savvy secretary – some document automation

22 How our skills must change One person, several technologies.NET!!! Make sure you know ALL of the capabilities. You need to expect your programmers to expand beyond the Web Winforms for overall Office Automation XML, Word ML – think of this as reveal codes Information Bridge Framework/IBF Infopath/Smartdocs (down with Templates!) Document automation (HotDocs etc.) can now be handled without third party tools

23 Terms you must know Web Services Data Relationship Mapping (vs. Data Warehouse) WinForms Information Bridge Framework (IBF) XML/ Word ML Application Programming Interface (API) InfoPath SmartDocs

24 Realign and reassess Look at what you want to accomplish and the logical division of responsibilities and roles Develop training plans Scope documents become even more important Data owners can control the applications results across the enterprise, a true change in culture

25 Demonstrations/Sessions on SPS and IBF Tuesday, August 23rd, Microsoft Hospitality Suite 2nd Floor Desert Resort 10:15 – 11:30 a.m. Innovations on the Legal Desktop Leverage SharePoint and the Information Bridge Framework. Join us for an in-depth look at how Handshake Softwares products help law firms quickly gain more value from MS Office and SharePoint. The presentation/discussion will include representatives from Microsoft and Andy Stokes from Wragge & Co., a 600+ lawyer firm in the U.K. who has launched a SharePoint initiative. Wednesday, August 24th, Grand Sonoran J&K 3:00-4:00pm MS Information Bridge Framework – Impact on the Desktop and Firm Profitability Join us to hear John Green, CIO of Baker Donelson and Teresa Grote, ex-CIO of Dinsmore & Shohl describe the exciting technology around Microsoft Office 2003 Information Bridge Framework/Smart Client and how it impacts their firms today and in the future. Thursday, August 25th, Demo Room 2:00-3:00pm State of the Art Technology Track Handshake Software was one of the few vendors chosen from over 80 applicants to present State of the Art Technology. We will be presenting MS SharePoint and Information Bridge Framework integration with legal applications and reprising a demonstration presented during the Information Worker keynote speech at Microsofts World Wide Partner Conference this year.

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