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RETURN TO MAIN Business Dogma ILTA Annual Conference August 22, 2007.

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1 RETURN TO MAIN Business Dogma ILTA Annual Conference August 22, 2007

2 RETURN TO MAIN 2 Business Dogma recognizes that in the dog-eat-dog business world, We can learn a lot from the experts… Real Dogs.

3 RETURN TO MAIN 3 Agenda Picking Your New Puppy or Colleague Assembling a Winning Team Table Scraps Lessons From My Mentors

4 RETURN TO MAIN You cant pick your family... but you can pick your pack Picking the right puppy / person

5 RETURN TO MAIN 5 Tell me what you want, What you really, really want … Bed warmer Guardian Childs playmate Running companion Hunter Fashion accessory Canine Competition

6 RETURN TO MAIN 6 Test that Puppy Puppy Aptitude Test – Jack & Wendy Volhard* – Social attraction – Confidence or dependence – Willingness to follow or lead – Dominance or submission – Sensitivity to touch and sound – Response to new situations – Structural soundness *

7 RETURN TO MAIN 7 The Range of Puppy Behaviors Personality Traits Extremely Dominant Will not accept direction; but likes to give it Dominant and Self- assured Accepts direction if it is firm, consistent and knowledgeable Outgoing and FriendlyNeeds regular feedback and challenges Adaptable May lack self-confidence, needs direction Submissive Needs structure, support and encouragement Independent Purpose focused, no need for companionship

8 RETURN TO MAIN 8 Team Member Detail oriented Big picture vision Technical skills Leadership Oral presentations Documentation Odd shifts

9 RETURN TO MAIN 9 Pre-hire Testing 2006 – MoFo hired Korn Ferry to recruit a Director, Global Technology Interview-worthy candidates completed a CIO assessment Korn Ferry compared candidates to a CIO Best in Class benchmark profile

10 RETURN TO MAIN 10 Korn Ferry CIO Profile LeadershipThinking Emotional Competency Career Motives Task focused Social Intellectual Participative Action focused Flexible Complex Creative Composure Empathy Energy Humility Confidence Ambiguity Tolerance Expert Competitive Learning Entrepreneurial

11 RETURN TO MAIN 11 Candidate

12 RETURN TO MAIN 12 Korn Ferry CIO Profile Interested in a personal CIO Profile? Contact: Ken Parekh, Senior Client Partner Korn/Ferry International BONUS: The ILTA Conference CD has a copy of CIO to CEO in which Korn Ferry authors compare CIO and CEO behavior styles.

13 RETURN TO MAIN 13 Strengths Finder - Gallup Dont focus on weaknesses Identify and leverage strengths – 34 Strengths from Achiever thru Woo People who focus on their strengths are – 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs – 3 times more likely to report an excellent quality of life

14 RETURN TO MAIN 14 Enlightening at MoFo All MoFo IT Managers took the test – Follow up consulting by Gallup PMO team compared strengths Top Strengths (Average Rank) Bottom Strengths (Average Rank) Ideation (2)Includer (32) Input (3)Competition (29) Intellection (3)Consistency (29)

15 RETURN TO MAIN 15 Find your Strengths Buy the book and take the test!

16 RETURN TO MAIN Pack Leadership Are the right dogs in charge?

17 RETURN TO MAIN 17 If youre not the lead dog, the view never changes Its hard being alpha/boss Responsibilities – Resources – Protection – Discipline – Rank in the pack

18 RETURN TO MAIN 18 The Canine Manager Frank Turner, Muktuk Kennels, Whitehorse Alaska Yukon Quest – 12 Days – 1,000 miles – 14 dogs (6 to finish) – 1 person – 1 sled – 1 rest day

19 RETURN TO MAIN 19 Six Tasks for Passionate Leaders 1. Get a worthy quest 2. Bring life to your values 3. Get the right people in the right jobs 4. Obtain permission to lead 5. Develop an iron will 6. Foster community support

20 RETURN TO MAIN 20 Assembling a Winning Team Lead Swing Team Wheel A well matched, trained team works as one. Better together than as individuals. No one rides in the sled.

21 RETURN TO MAIN 21 Team Leader Changes based on the quest's need Motivates others Confident Consistent

22 RETURN TO MAIN 22 Swing Second in command – succession planning Keeps the team on task Sets the pace Frees the Lead to lead

23 RETURN TO MAIN 23 Team Good at following orders New to the group Mix of males for strength and females for focus

24 RETURN TO MAIN 24 Wheel Closest to the action/sled Pulls the hardest Mentally tough

25 RETURN TO MAIN 25 Same Dog? Different Role?

26 RETURN TO MAIN 26 Same Dog? Different Role?

27 RETURN TO MAIN Table Scraps Small bites….

28 RETURN TO MAIN 28 That Dog Wont Hunt Its not a failure, its a career change* Guide Dogs for the Blind – Why? Medical: allergies; cataracts Behavioral: high activity level; dislikes cats; too assertive – Whats next? Search & Rescue Tracking Agility & obedience competition Great pets! * Medical 40% Behavioral 60%

29 RETURN TO MAIN 29 Pre-owned vs. Brand New Puppy or New College Grad Adopted Dog or Experienced Staff Pros No history Less costly to start You do the molding Ready to roll More costly to start Happy in a new home Cons Higher maintenance Longer time to productivity Bad Habits May carry baggage from prior home

30 RETURN TO MAIN 30 Is Your Team Certifiable? Canine Good Citizen (CGC) – Owners Pledge to care for dogs health, safety, quality of life, rights of others – 10 exercises in an evaluation Technology and related Certifications – MoFo recognizes 16 certifications – Firm pays for training and one test; reasonable time off to prepare – Certification bonuses from $50 to $3,500

31 RETURN TO MAIN Lessons From My Mentors

32 RETURN TO MAIN 32 Sadie The Fun Of Teamwork

33 RETURN TO MAIN 33 Sport Positive Thinking Beats Reality

34 RETURN TO MAIN 34 Murphy The Joy of a Respectful Debate

35 RETURN TO MAIN 35 Woody Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

36 RETURN TO MAIN 36 Session Assessments Write-in # 1 Should I ….. A. Write that book! B. Keep my day job. Write-in # 2 Share your Business Dogma

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